Teman – teman, JACKmin mau nanya dong, Siapa diantara teman – teman online JACKmin yang punya rencana kuliah di salah satu top universitas di UK coba comment di bawah.

“Tapi kan pasti susah min buat progress ke top universitas :(”

Masih ada Jalan menuju Roma ya.
Salah satu nya bisa melalui International Foundation nih.

Kebetulan JACK Study akan mengadakan

Info Session Study in the UK; International Foundation to UCL, Ranked 8th in the World

Sabtu, 5 November 2022
12.00 – 16.00
JACK Study Pondok Indah (Lihat Maps)

Di info session kali ini, akan dibahas semua apa yang harus dipersiapkan buat progress ke University College London ya teman – teman. Siapin catatan dan hati buat ikut info session kali ini ya.

Registrasi sekarang, slot terbatas!

Student Testimonial

Name: Gwen Tanujaya
Previous School: SMAK 1 BPK Penabur Jakarta
Institution: UCL Foundation – UK
Intake: September 2022

JACK Study Abroad was recommended to me and my parents by a family friend whose daughter had also used their services. At the time, I didn’t know what a life-changing recommendation that would be.

I had initially planned to attend a different, mid-rank university, also in the UK. Lucky for me, I encountered an incredible consultant at JACK Study Abroad which presented to me a ‘challenge’ of sorts – to apply to University College London’s foundation program, the UPCSE,  of which I have never known to exist. She told me that even though the application process is quite rigorous, she believed I could be accepted into the programme. I took up that challenge, and you can see for yourself where I am now!

From the moment I first stepped into JACK Study Abroad’s office until I arrived and settled myself in London, JACK Study Abroad has always been with me every step of the way. From informing me of my options for tertiary education to compiling a list of important documents that I will need and how to obtain them, and also checking in with me and making sure I have done all the necessary things once I arrived in London, like collecting my student ID, collecting my BRP, registering with a local GP, etc.

I highly recommend other prospective international students, especially those who are planning to study in the UK, to come visit and have a chat with one of the amazing and highly professional consultants at JACK Study Abroad. Thank you JACK Study Abroad!

Info Session ini hanya berlaku untuk siswa SMA & untuk pre-master

Registration is closed. Please contact us for enquiries.

Q&A Info Session

1. Acara ini berbayar kak?
Acara ini gratis ya :)

2. Kalau saya berhalangan datang ke tempat, apakah saya bisa ikut via online?
Tentu bisa ya, nanti akan dikonfirmasi sama tim JACK Study untuk dijadwalkan online via Zoom.

3. Apakah acara ini ada membagikan sertifikat setelah selesai info session ?
Halo, untuk acara ini tidak membagikan sertifikat ya :)

4. Kalau saya di luar Jakarta & Tangerang, apakah saya bisa ikutan juga?
Tentu saja bisa, nanti akan dihubungi sama tim JACK Study untuk dijadwalkan online via Zoom.

5. Apakah saya boleh mengajak orang tua, saudara atau teman saya ikutan acara ini?
Tentu saja boleh :)

6. Apakah ada beasiswa tersedia dari acara ini?
Untuk detailnya bisa registrasi terlebih dahulu & ditanyakan selama sesi info session nantinya.

7.Kalau saya sudah daftar, selanjutnya bagaimana?
Kalau sudah daftar, nanti akan dihubungi sama tim JACK Study untuk konfirmasi :)

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