Name: Erick Fabrizio
Previous School: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya
Institution: University of Exeter – UK
Intake: January 2024

Embarking on the journey of university applications can often be daunting and overwhelming. However, JACK Study Abroad emerges as a beacon of guidance and support, offering invaluable assistance throughout the entire process.

From the outset, it’s evident that JACK Study Abroad excels in alleviating the burdens associated with administrative tasks, visa procedures, and preparation requirements. Their commitment to aiding students is commendable, especially considering their services are provided entirely free of charge—a rarity in the realm of study abroad consultancy.

One of JACK Study Abroad standout features lies in its extensive network of university connections. This network proves instrumental in helping students make informed decisions regarding their academic futures. Personalized guidance ensures that individuals are matched with institutions that align with their aspirations and goals.

In essence, JACK Study Abroad is more than just an agent—it’s a catalyst for realizing dreams. Their unparalleled dedication, coupled with their no-cost service, makes them the ideal partner in the pursuit of higher education. For anyone seeking their dream university, JACK Study Abroad stands out as the premier choice, offering invaluable assistance without the burden of financial strain.

Name: Alya Rabiatul Azhar
Previous School: Universitas Hasanauddin
Institution: University of Adelaide – Australia
Intake: February 2024

For those who want to study abroad, you can please contact JACK Study Abroad, highly recommended! Very helpful team starting from IELTS preparation to the university application process including accommodations arrangement, visa processing etc Prepare me so well until I arrive and study at The University of Adelaide.

Thank you JACK Study Abroad team for helping me to achieve my goals!!

Name: Michelle Avery Laird
Previous School: Bina Bangsa PIK
Graduated from: University of Auckland in 2022
Now working at PWC in Wellington

I graduated from University of Auckland in 2022, as a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Information Systems and International Business. JACK Study Abroad was really helpful during the process of my university application a couple years ago. Big thanks to their team, I was able to process the right visa for my studies and prepare well at the start of university. It was my first time back in New Zealand after a very long time without knowing anyone, so the information I received from JACK Study really helped me settle in well. I am now working permanently in Wellington, New Zealand, so thank you JACK Study Abroad for being a part of my journey.

Name: Nisa Widianvika
Previous School: Program Vokasi Universitas Indonesia
Institution: Coventry University – UK
Intake: September 2023

As a person who wants to continue my education abroad, I was initially confused and didn’t know anything about universities which can accept top-up degree programmes until I met JACK Study Abroad, who was introduced by my friend. JACK Study Abroad helped me with the application process, and document submissions until I finally got my Letter of Acceptance from my chosen university. In addition, they also gave me the best advice about the major and destination country. Their team was so friendly, patient and supportive throughout the entire process and their professionalism to my success exceeded my expectations. Not only for applying for university but also for choosing accommodation, they were very helpful. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for the guidance until I was accepted and had a great experience in the United Kingdom, especially at Coventry University, also for helping me with a little extra support during this exciting but nerve-wracking time. Xoxo.

Name: Hersyatama Farih Kartowisastro
Previous School: SMA Islam Al Izhar Pondok Labu 
Institution: The University of Queensland – Australia
Intake: October 2023

I would say “THANK YOU” is not enough for JACK Study Abroad and team, who helped me to achieve my dream of studying in Australia. Their assistance and guidance were invaluable throughout the process, starting from IELTS preparation until now I am in Brisbane to continue my studies. Thanks to JACK Study Abroad, I am now relishing my academic pursuits at The University of Queensland. This experience has not only allowed me to forge new friendships but has also provided me with the opportunity to immerse myself in and embrace diverse cultures here in Queensland.


Name: Arni Hudoyo
Previous School: SMA Lazuardi Jakarta
Institution: The University of Adelaide – Australia
Intake: July 2023

Being one of the study abroad students in Australia, the more i grateful to be. With help from JACK Study Abroad, Kak Inge and the team helped me through the process and made it easier. During my preparation for IELTS Ms Ninit was one of the best teachers that I had, she taught in a friendly way so I didn’t have a lot of pressure but still remembered my goals. Kak Inge was helpful even i already in Adelaide she still fast responses to help me through the uni stuff until right now :) it was a good experience to have them as my agency for study abroad.

Name: Ardisa Martserafina
Previous School: BINUS Northumbria School of Design
Institution: Northumbria University Newcastle – United Kingdom
Intake: September 2022

My lifelong dream is to continue my education abroad, driven by the allure of cultural diversity. The idea of studying in the UK, in particular, has held a special place on my list of academic activities. I would love to immerse myself in their culture, admire their architecture, and explore their artistic expressions, among other experiences. However, the process of planning and preparing for international studies faces various obstacles. This prompted me to enlist the services of the JACK Study Abroad team, who expertly navigated documentation, student visa applications, and provided unwavering support throughout the journey. Their team’s wealth of experience and their attention to my and my parents’ needs made the process much smoother. I have now lived and studied at Northumbria University Nеwcastlе for a year, and I find great satisfaction in my academic activities and life here in Newcastle. Their guidance was essential from the start and continues to be a reliable resource whenever I need help. I am very grateful to the JACK Study Abroad team!

Name: Evangelia Eudora Kanoena
Previous School: SPH Sentul
Institution: University of Essex – UK
Intake: Sept 2023

Helpful is an understated adjective for JACK Study Abroad. From a quick WhatsApp response to a few intensive phone calls, to selecting my best-fit university, to being anxious while waiting for my IB results, to meeting in person to aid me with my student visa application —they were always there along my journey to University of Essex, my second home today.

And if you believe that’s all there is to it, you are wrong.

Their dedication to assist students is REAL. Till this day, they are always just a WhatsApp text/call away. JACK Study Abroad is always ready to assist me, and hopefully you in the near future, in gaining the study abroad experience we always dreamt of.

Therefore, choosing JACK Study Abroad, as my study abroad agent, was one of the best decisions I have made. Thank you JACK Study Abroad.

Name: Khosyi Putra Ariswari
Previous School: Universitas Trisakti
Institution: The University of Queensland – Australia
Intake: February 2023

Choosing JACK Study Abroad as my education consultant is the best decision I have ever made! Their team of dedicated professionals have provided me with invaluable guidance and support throughout the entire process. Thanks to their expertise and personalized approach, I found the perfect academic fit that aligns with my passions and career aspirations. I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad to anyone who seeks exceptional educational services. They truly go above and beyond to empower students like me to achieve their dreams!

Valentino AuburnName: Valentino Lefrand Tjendraputro
Previous School: British School Jakarta
Institution: Auburn University – USA
Intake: September 2022

As one of the students that use JACK Study Abroad service to help planning my study in the USA, JACK Study Abroad was really able to help me to get into Auburn University. With the outstanding help from a counsellor from JACK Study Abroad, she makes me feel more relaxed to go through any process than if I did it by myself. For those of you who are looking for a very professional education consultant, JACK Study Abroad is an amazing place to go when searching for good universities. They were able to help me find my interest major within an exquisite university.

JACK Study Abroad is really useful when finding a university that match with my major and something that I am interested in, which is sports. I am currently studying with a major in Landscape Architecture, and I love study here as Architecture at Auburn University is known as highly ranked program in the USA. Auburn University is also one of the best football teams in the USA, so I thoroughly enjoy watching their football games. The campus environment is amazing and lots of fun, which is something I am grateful for.

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