University of Sussex Summer Competition

It is a pleasure to announce the launch of University of Sussex Summer 2022 Competition!

The competition is to come up with an Undergraduate Campaign Strapline (or tagline as they are known in the USA) that will appeal to 17/18-year-olds across the world to apply to University of Sussex, UK.

For reference, the current campaign strapline is ‘Excite your imagination’. As mentioned earlier, the competition is open to students in Year 12 and 13 (or the equivalent) and participation will be in the form of teams of THREE. Together with the revamped strapline and University logo, students will submit a t-shirt design to complete entry.

Participation Criteria:

1. Open to Students in Year 11-12 (or equivalent)
2. Participants must be in groups of three from the same school. Each school can register more than 1 group.


The Topic:

An Undergraduate Campaign Strapline that will appeal to 17/18 years-old accross the world to apply to Sussex. Together, with the revamped strapline and our logo, students will submit a T-shirt design to complete entry.

When creating the strapline, you will need to take the following brief into consideration in creating the new 3-words strapline:

– For over 60 years the aim of our courses, research, culture, and campus has been to stimulate, excite and challenge.

– From scientific discovery to global policy, from student welfare to career development, Sussex innovates and takes a lead.

– And today, in every part of society and across the world, you will find someone from Sussex making an original and valuable contribution.

+ Make sure to include the new strapline and the University of Sussex’s logo into your design.

Submission Steps:

– The strapline must be in English.

– The t-shirt design should be submitted in the format of .jpeg and not more than (1GB?) in size.

– Name your documents [Group Name]_[School Name]#SussexComp2022


Grand Prize: 3x iPad for the winning team

Runner Up: 6x gift vouchers to 2 runner-up teams worth £30 each


Registration closing date: 31th July 2022

Work submission: 15th Aug 2022

Results: September 2022

Please register via this link

Further information regarding the judging criteria and any additional key points will be updated after registration closes in July. Contact our hotline WA 0812 990 77788 if you need any further information.

Good luck!