virtual expo sept 2021

Persiapkan kuliah ke luar negeri dari sekarang!

One Step Closer to Study Abroad with Teuku Rassya, Alicia Serena, Ryan Proto, dan Natya Shina di Virtual Global University Expo – JACK Study Abroad.

Selain bisa bertemu virtual dengan bintang tamu, kamu juga bisa mendapatkan konsultasi one to one dengan perwakilan universitas dari berbagai negara seperti UK, Australia, Canada, France, US, Singapore dan Netherlands.

Sabtu & Minggu, 25 – 26 Sep 2021
11.00 – 18.00 WIB
Zoom Session

Exhibitor Highlights

Sabtu, 25 September 2021

    1. University of Bristol (UK)

    Russel Group Universities and Top 60 ranking in the world. The best courses for S1 – S3 for Accounting & Finance, Economics and Math, Science & Engineering, Medicine, and Law.

    1. INTO UK & US

    International Foundation & International Year One programs to top UK universities such as Newcastle University, University of Exeter, The University of Manchester, etc.

    University Transfer Program and Direct Entry S1/S2 to Oregon State University, Colorado State University, Illinois State University, University of Arizona, etc.

    1. Lancaster University (UK)

    Triple top 10 in the UK based on all league tables, strong for accounting & finance, business, biochemistry, creative writing, drama, computer science, criminology and many more for S1 – S3.

    1. UNSW Global (Australia)

    Foundation and Diploma program to UNSW – Top 45 Ranking in the world with Bachelor Degree in Business, Science, Engineering, Actuarial Studies, Psychology, etc.

    1. Kaplan International College UK

    International Foundation & International Year One programs for S1 to top UK universities such as University of Glasgow, University of Bristol, The University of Nottingham, University of Liverpool, University of York, etc.

    1. Kaplan Singapore

    Private Institution with Australia and UK Degree for S1 and S2 in Communication, Business, Psychology, etc.

    1. Kings Education (UK & US)

    A level and Foundation programs to S1 in Medicine, Design, Music, Business, etc. to Top Universities in the UK and University Transfer Program for S1 to Top 50 and 100 universities in US.

    1. Langara College (Canada)

    Located in Vancouver and provides Bachelor Degree in Business & Science, University Transfer Program to UBC, SFU and many more, also Post-Degree programs after finishing S1 for 2 years.

    1. Le Cordon Bleu

    The best culinary school in the world in Cuisine, Patisserie, Boulangerie, Culinary Management and has campuses in Paris, London, Ottawa, Malaysia, Sydney, Melbourne, Wellington, etc.

    1. Queen’s University of Belfast (UK)

    Russel Group Universities. The best courses for S1 – S3 in dentistry, pharmacy, food science, accounting & finance, architecture, actuarial science, aerospace engineering, etc.

    1. Sheffield Hallam University (UK)

    Top 15 university in the UK for Art & Design and popular for Digital Marketing, Data Science, Food Science, Art & Design, Sport Science, Hospitality Management.

    1. Teesside University (UK)

    Rank 14th in the world for animation, popular for art & design, fashion, physiotherapy in the UK.


    1. Deakin University (Australia)

    Top 1% university in the world and located in Melbourne. The best courses for S1 – S3 in Sports, Performing Arts, Media & Communication, Arts & Design, Business, TV and Film, etc.

    1. International Study Center (ISC) UK

    Foundation and International Year One programs to Bachelor Degree top UK universities including Durham University, Lancaster University, The University of Sheffield, University of Aberdeen, etc.

    1. Edmonds College (US)

    Community college located in Seattle, offer 2+2 programs for Bachelor Degree to top universities in the USA (can accept year 10/11 to High School Completion Program)

    1. University of Essex (UK)

    Popular for courses for S1 – S3 in Accounting & Finance, Economics and Econometrics, Law, Politic & International Relations, Social science & Management in the UK.

Minggu, 26 September 2021

  1. The University of Western Australia

Group of 8 universities located in Perth and Top 100 in the world. Popular courses in medicine, life science, agricultural science, earth and marine sciences for S1 – S3.

  1. University of East Anglia (UK)

Located in Norwich, UK and popular courses in Psychology, Creative Writing, Actuarial Science, Medicine, Environmental Science, Renewable Energy, Media & Development Studies for S1 – S3.

  1. Australian National University

Ranked 31 World University Ranking, No 1 Australian University, located in Canberra with the best courses in Computer Science, Math, Politics & International relations, Business & Economics, Health Science, etc. for S1 – S3.

  1. Macquarie University (Australia)

Top 10 Australian university, located in Sydney, no 1 MBA in Australia. Popular courses are Actuarial Science, Accounting & Finance, Psychology, Business Analytics for S1 – S3.

  1. Leeds Beckett University (UK)

Located in a student city – Leeds and has popular subjects in Sports, Creative Arts, Music, Film with affordable tuition fees.

  1. Navitas Canada (FIC, ICM, RUIC)

University Transfer Programs for Simon Fraser University, University of Manitoba, and Ryerson University.

  1. Leeds Art University (UK)

The only specialist Art university in North England such as Illustration, Graphic, Animation, Fashion, Film.

  1. James Cook University Singapore

Top private university in Singapore with certified EduTrust Star and popular for business, IT, data science and psychology.

  1. Nottingham Trent University

Top 15 university for Art & Design in the UK and popular courses for Digital Marketing, Architecture, Animal Science, Business, Criminology.


  1. Oxford International Education Group (UK)

Foundation and International Year One programs to Bachelor Degree in University of Greenwich, University of Dundee, University of Bangor, University of Bradford, De Montfort University.

  1. ON Campus (UK/Netherlands)

International Foundation & International Year One to top universities in the UK such as University of Southampton, Aston University, etc and Foundation year to University of Amsterdam.

  1. Curtin Singapore

Fast track bachelor in only 2 years in business and communication. Also provide S2 in 1 year.

  1. Coventry University (UK)

Located in one hour by train from London with the best courses in automotive engineering, art & design, business and economics, sports management, nursing, etc.

  1. Griffith University (Australia)

Located in Brisbane and The Best Animation courses in Australia. Popular for Hospitality Management, Art & Design, Music, Architecture.

  1. Shorelight Education (US)

University Transfer Program S1/S2 and Direct Entry programs to many best universities in US such as University of South Carolina, American University, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Utah, Kansas University and many more.

  1. University of Technology Sydney (Australia)

Top 135 world ranking with popular courses in Architecture, Art & Design, Communication, Science & Engineering. No 1 Young University in Australia.

** All above institutions offer partial scholarships for 2022!!

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