Maria Kristakiana Irawan - Le Cordon Bleu

Name: Maria Kristakiana Irawan
Previous School: SMA Santa Ursula Jakarta
Institution: Le Cordon Bleu – New Zealand
Intake: August 2022

Being one of the COVID-19 graduates from my high school and wants to pursue a Bachelor degree abroad, I have to say it was a rough path at that time. At that time, a few countries were still closing their borders including New Zealand as my dream country to study abroad, thus the policy made it harder for international students. That is why one of the most memorable experiences I had with JACK Study Abroad is how JACK Study Abroad makes it possible for me to study in my dream country despite being graduated in the COVID-19 pandemic.

At that time, New Zealand was giving slots for international students to get exceptional visas through Cohort 4. Unfortunately, my field of education did not get many slots at that time, so I was preparing myself for the worst that could happen, which is to postpone my education a few months. However, with lots of hard work, a counsellor from JACK Study Abroad team helped me in getting the Cohort 4 slot, thus I was able to get the exceptional visa. This chance meant a lot to me, and I am very thankful for her hard work and endless follow up with the school, constant updates on my visa progress, and being active throughout the whole process.

I am now happily studying Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business at Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand, and I would like to give a big thanks and credit to JACK Study Abroad, who has been through all sorts of things with me. Starting since the IELTS test, applying and contacting my school, visa appliance, even to my homestay in New Zealand. I hope good things are to come in the future for JACK Study Abroad and I am proud to be one of the students who are helped by JACK Study Abroad to be in New Zealand. Thank you, JACK Study Abroad!

Matthew Varrel Weliyanto - The University of Western Australia

Name: Matthew Varrel Weliyanto
Previous School: SMAK 6 PENABUR Jakarta
Institution: The University of Western Australia – Australia
Intake: July 2022

Studying abroad has always been my dream. The multiculturalism and diversity of the country captivated me to do it. Australia is one of the most wonderful countries that has my interest for my next study destination due to their excellence in education, broad range of education sector comprises world-leading education institutions, premium training facilities, and outstanding lecturers and student support services. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to plan and prepare for studying abroad. And that’s why I have deep gratitude to JACK Study Abroad team who has helped me to prepare all documents, apply for a student visa, and assist me throughout the whole process. Their experienced team are very helpful and attentive to me and my parents during the process. I have been arriving and studying at The University of Western Australia for few months now, and I enjoy my study and life here in Perth. Thank you JACK Study Abroad.

Niko Junianto Jap - Le Cordon Bleu

Niko JuniantoName:  Niko Junianto Jap
Previous School: SMA Harapan Bangsa
Institution: Le Cordon Bleu – Australia
Intake: September 2021

Studying in Australia is one of the best decisions that I have made. I have always been interested in pursuing my study in this country because it offers multiculturalism and diversity. Australia also provides me the opportunity to work part time during study so I can improve my English and meet a lot of people from different cultures. I would like to thank JACK study Abroad, who has been helping me with document preparation, and apply for a student visa, and helping me throughout the process until I arrive and study at Le Cordon Bleu. JACK Study Abroad is always there to help me whenever I struggled or have questions about my study.  I highly recommend JACK study abroad for students who want to pursue their studies overseas!

Theresa Nadia - The University of Western Australia

Name: Theresa Nadia
Previous School: Binus School Serpong
Institution: The University of Western Australia – Australia
Intake: July 2021

Especially with the pandemic, discovering and finding the right university overseas was not easy for me. However, I am grateful enough to meet JACK Study Abroad who has been actively helping and supporting me find the right university with a major that suits my passions. They were able to provide me with several choices in different countries and advise me on my options. It was really helpful considering I have never been or known the living environment there. In addition, even with all the uncertainties in this pandemic, they are very keen on keeping me motivated to pursue my dream of studying abroad.


Finally, I have never regretted the choice to trust JACK Study abroad to help me with my further studies from choosing the right university to getting all accommodations and documents prepared.

Now I have been arriving and studying in UWA since March 2022 and I enjoy my life and study so far in Perth, Australia. Thus, I would like to say thank you very much to JACK Study Abroad for your support in pursuing my dreams.

Gilbert Sung - University of Sydney

Gilbert Sung

Name: Gilbert Sung
Previous School: Bandung Independent School & Canadian International School of Hong Kong
Institutions: University of Sydney – Australia
Intake: February 2022

The year 2021 has been a roller coaster ride with the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing along with not getting accepted into the university I desired. Thankfully my friend introduced me to JACK Study Abroad, especially when I had a narrow time frame. I am the type of person who is willing to explore new places, food, skills, etc. Therefore Australia was one of the countries where I would like to revisit and live in, since I have no memories of what it looks like. JACK Study Abroad has made the process effortless and they were very approachable.

JACK Study Abroad has given me various options on where to study in Australia, and ended up choosing University of Sydney since they offer the specific course (Sports and Exercise Science) that I was really interested in. Throughout the process JACK study has done almost everything for me and all I had to do was wait and give them the required materials that they needed from me. Not only did they guide me with University Matters they also guided me through traveling issues as well such as Visa and also Student accommodation.

Although this is my first week in Sydney, I have explored the city and campus quite a bit and made some new friends along the way. JACK Study Abroad has made my transition from living with my family to living alone super smoothly as they still check up on me and help me up to this day. I would like to thank JACK Study Abroad for their full support and assistance they have given me. For those who are looking to study abroad I would fully suggest reaching out to JACK Study Abroad and they will surely give you a welcoming helping hand.

Stephiena Rahel Odilia - Kaplan Business School

Name : Stephiena Rahel Odilia
Previous Instituiton : President University
University : Kaplan Business School – Sydney
Intake : November 2019

Thank you JACK Study Abroad for all your help from the moment I first chat you to ask for your guidance until I arrived at my dream college. JACK Study staff is very patient to answer all my inquiry even to the weirdest and irrelevant question :)).  JACK Study Abroad handled all my registration, visa, departure process smoothly and very professional. The Staff also gave me a lot of advice of my next step arriving in Australia. So grateful and pleasant experience to be taken care by them.

Sidney Vivian - Griffith University

SidneyName : Sidney Vivian
Previous institution : SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong 
University : Griffith University – Australia
Intake : July 2019

I have always been dreaming of studying in Australia since I was really young. Since then I have been searching for lots of information about study and life in Australia, however I’m not so sure about choosing which university to go for. Luckily I found JACK Study Abroad who actually helped me everything and their service is FREE. They helped me a lot in guiding me to choose the right university which really suits my character and capability. They also helped me with applying scholarships, arranging the accommodation and process my student visa. Their service is top notch and I fully appreciate their hard work in assisting me. And now I’m here studying in Griffith University and I really enjoy my study and my life in Brisbane.

Angela Meirina Susanto - Taylors College The University of Western Australia

Angela Meirina Susanto

Name : Angela Meirina Susanto
Previous Institution : Penabur Secondary Kelapa Gading
University : Taylors College The University of Western Australia
Intake : October 2019

For months I was confused about which college or university should I enroll to after my high school. But then, my friend recommended me JACK Study Abroad to help me gain more information about study abroad and ultimately make my decision. They helped me in choosing the university which suits me best and assist with all the requirements required. I am now at Taylors College Perth and enjoying my time here. I want to thank JACK Study Abroad for helping me throughout my whole enrollment process and still keeping in contact with me up until now.

Yemima Rhema Christy - Swinburne University

rhema christy

Name : Yemima Rhema Christy
Previous Institution : President University
University : Swinburne University – Australia
Intake : August 2019

I am so grateful that I met JACK Study Abroad as my education agent. Since very beginning, I am so mesmerizing with JACK Study Abroad because when I met their staff, she briefly explains to me about how study abroad process will go for me. As a student, I feel relieved as I knew they are trustworthy agent. I also worked in Business Industry, I know how the business works and I think JACK Study Abroad has a good value.

I was uncertain which university I would like to choose but they helped me and opened my mind. I met the problem in the middle with my student Visa, but they helped me a lot and never give up to help me. So I wasn’t feeling alone during this journey. And surprisingly I got my student visa very very fast. Finally, I chose Swinburne University as my study destination for Master degree. I am satisfied because in the same time I have obtained a partial scholarship. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for helping me sincerely throughout the process. I really can’t ask for a better agent. Good luck for your future endeavor.

Elizabeth Samantha Limanto - Taylors College

Elizabeth Samantha LimantoName: Elizabeth Samantha Limanto
Previous Institution: SMA Harapan Bangsa
University: Taylors College – New Zealand
Intake: October 2019

My parents have always had one dream, and that is to send their children study abroad for university. For the longest time, they thought it would be best for my sisters and I to go to Canada, where two of my father’s siblings lived with their families. We even visited Canada back in 2018.

However, last year once I was a few months starting my new academic year, my parents and I had a long discussion about my future. Ultimately, we concluded that Canada was not our best choice due to the huge amount of distance and time needed to get there and the freezing cold winter, among other things. With only roughly one year until I graduated, we were frantic. All the plans we had made were flushed down and we were back to square one. I didn’t know which university or what country to go to.

That was when we decided to go to a consultant, which turned out to be the perfect decision. JACK Study Abroad laid out all the options we had. They showed us all the top universities around the world and gave us detailed explanations about each country and university. They also explained all the advantages and disadvantages of each place to help us decide which one fits us best. In the end, we came to a decision that I should attend Foundation at Taylors College in Auckland, because I was from national curriculum high school, and it is pathway to get into the University of Auckland, the number one university in New Zealand. JACK Study Abroad helped us with the whole application process. They guided us throughout the process, starting from the IELTS test preparation to the student visa application. The steps needed to study overseas turned out to be harder than I thought and I never could have done it without JACK Study Abroad. With their assistance, I was able to start my studies at Taylors College in Auckland without any trouble at all. I am glad to obtain scholarship for my Foundation study as well.

Thank you JACK Study Abroad! I owe you all my future success and will forever be indebted to you!

Grant Gunawan - La Trobe College

Grant GunawanName : Grant Gunawan
Previous Institution : Binus Simprug
University : La Trobe College – Australia
Intake : October 2019

My name is Grant and now I am studying at La Trobe College taking humanities foundation course.

I knew JACK Study Abroad from one of my friends. Actually, at first studying in Australia was not my first choice. I did apply to study in another country, but after a better information from my counselor, my parents and I decided to choose study in Melbourne, Australia because I will be eligible for post study work visa for 2 years after completing my degree. Furthermore, the Melbourne’s vibe is perfect for studying. I love studying here as the environment is safe and closer to my home country, Indonesia.

I won’t be here if JACK Study Abroad didn’t give the best assistance for my further study. Their counselor assisted me from the university choice, application, student visa, etc and until present I still keep in contact with her. I highly appreciate it and couldn’t thank JACK Study Abroad more for assisting my further study.

Jovita Susanto - University of Tasmania

Jovita Susanto

Name : Jovita Susanto
Previous institution : SMAK Penabur Modernland
University : University of Tasmania – Australia
Intake : July 2019

During high school, I was very indecisive as to where and what university I should enroll in. There were so many factors that needed to be taken into consideration in choosing the university, which made the process more complex. But that was before I came across JACK Study Abroad, where everything seems to become clearer and I could finally decide the next step to continue my education.

JACK Study Abroad has provided me all kind of information I need, shout out to their counselor who has provided me countless help until I can get the 50% scholarship from the University of Tasmania and it has indeed been a not-so-easy journey. Nevertheless, they have done an excellent and professional job. They have also given me the ease to consult concerning my major, administer the VISA, arranging my homestay application until I could be one of the students in the institution that I desired. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for all the guidance, advice, and endless hard work! Best of luck in the future.

Claudia Velda Widjaja - University of New South Wales

claudia velda widjajaName : Claudia Velda Widjaja
Previous Institution : SMA Santa Theresia
University : University of New South Wales – Australia
Intake : September 2019

I began planning on continuing my study in Australia while I was still in 12th grade. However, I haven’t chosen which university I wish to attend. Luckily, I happened to find JACK Study Abroad while I was searching for universities on the internet.

Thank you JACK Study Abroad, I received information about the diploma courses which I am now attending at UNSW Global. They assisted me every step from beginning till all settled down. They provided every answer to my questions, even late in the night (sorry for that). Now I have been starting my study at UNSW Global and I enjoy my new journey here.

I was delighted to know JACK Study Abroad will continue to keep in contact with me throughout my studies in UNSW. To the people of JACK Study Abroad, especially to miss Rani, thank you for taking care of me ^-^.

Vania Adya Anindita - Griffith University

Vania Adya Anindita

Name : Vania Adya Anindita
Previous Institution : SMA Dian Harapan Jakarta
University : Griffith University – Australia
Intake : June 2019

When I started my year 12 last year, I had no clue which university I should pursue for my further study. My parents and I decided to search education consultant whom can help me and I found JACK Study Abroad through a friend of mine.

JACK Study Abroad has given me few options which suit my interest until I made the right decision. They had helped me with a bunch of things, starting from choosing the university, managed all of the documents require for application, arranged homestay until visa processing which quite confusing for me.

I have been studying 1 month at Griffith University Gold Coast now, and I really enjoy studying and living here. I make many new friends with people from different countries and gain many experience with them. I am grateful being assisted by JACK Study Abroad. The great thing that makes me really feel like family to them is because they still keep in touch with me even after I start my study in Australia.

Fenni Sutan Lie - RMIT University

fenni sutan lie

Name : Fenni Sutan Lie
Previous Institution : MDIS (University of Bradford)
University : RMIT University – Australia
Intake : July 2019

Hi, my name is Fenni Sutan Lie and I am very much appreciated the bits of help and supports and answers I got from JACK Study Abroad. Right after I graduated from the University of Bradford with a Bachelor (Hons) of Biomedical Science, I decided to take my study to the next level. It was the moment of confusion, indecisive, and fear even – lol. I had so many questions with me – where I will be studying, what major will suit me the best and etc.

My first choice was to take a Master degree (another Biomedical Science) in the UK. Things turned ugly when I had a problem with my previous university and luckily, JACK Study Abroad helped me through the struggles I had.

After putting all the searching, we came up and stumbled upon RMIT University. Not only I can study my Master degree, but I will be getting a placement – which is quite important for those who wanna work in laboratory – and of course, advanced Haematology course.

Theda Angelicia Delphine - Curtin University

Theda Angelicia

Name : Theda Angelicia Delphine
Previous Institution : SPH Sentul
University : Curtin University – Australia
Intake : 2016

My name is Theda and I am currently on my last semester of Bachelor degree with Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. I first came across JACK Study Abroad Indonesia around 3 years ago, when I was just a fresh high school graduate. At that point of time, I wasn’t really sure how University life works, better yet, how to apply for visas and how to live abroad. Initially, I wasn’t sure about seeking guidance from an educational agent. But now, I am very grateful that I have approached JACK Study Abroad. As I was considering my options, JACK Study Abroad told me that I do not need to worry about anything because they will help me and offer me their best service. Even after I troubled the agents with many questions, they are very kind and patient as they answered each of my questions with a smile and friendly manners. They provided a quick and smooth admission process, along with providing me a homestay to live in and a health insurance. They had helped me settled in way easier and quicker. I really enjoy living in Perth, it is a nice, beautiful, and peaceful city. I think that Perth is an excellent choice for people who wish to study in a quiet city. That being said, Perth still have its own night life and full of events.


I had thought that my relationship with JACK Study Abroad ended after that moment passed. However, as I was looking for help to renew my student visa, JACK Study Abroad extended their hands and offered me another help. They still remember who I am and helped me with the same kindness and friendly attitude. The student visa that would take at least 2 weeks, JACK Study Abroad returned to me with my renewed visa within 2 days only. I am very grateful for JACK Study Abroad, and would totally recommend their service for those who seek guidance in studying abroad.

Bryan Jovan - Edith Cowan College

Name : Bryan Jovan
Previous Institution : SMAK Abdi Siswa
University : Edith Cowan College – Australia
Intake : June 2019

After I finished my senior high school, I decided to continue my further study in Australia and I wanted to study Psychology as my major since I have interest in it. It is not easy to handle all the requirements the university needs but after I met JACK Study Abroad, I felt like my dream to go to Australia can be realized. JACK Study Abroad really helped me in giving detail information about my university and my course, visa requirement, and all of the administration that I need to complete. After all preparation done, I departed to Australia and I attend study at Edith Cowan College. The staff at ECC, and all friends are very easy going and kind. My first couple weeks was well and very nice. This made me more comfortable to study at Australia. Thanks a lot to JACK Study Abroad for making my dream come true.

Liana Aripin - Taylors Auckland

liana aripin

Name : Liana Aripin
Previous institution : SMA Dian Harapan
University : Taylors Auckland – New Zealand
Intake : January 2019

I have always dreamt of studying abroad even since I was in junior high. However, choosing a consultant to fulfill that dream was once a struggle for me. That was until I came across JACK Study Abroad.

JACK Study Abroad had helped me with so many things start from applying to the universities, preparing for IELTS test, accommodation arrangement, student visa application and many more. Thank you to JACK Study Abroad I am now on the right track to the university I chose in New Zealand. I have been 4 months now in Auckland and I enjoy my new life and study here, make lots of new friends, experiencing new things. I am truly thankful for the guidance and assistance JACK Stud Abroad has given me and that is why I recommend choosing JACK Study Abroad for preparing your future!

Andreas Caesar - ANU College

andreas caesar

Name : Andreas Caesar
Previous institution : SMA Tarakanita Gading Serpong
University : ANU College – Australia
Intake : October 2018

During high school, I have been thinking of Canberra when I think of studying abroad. But I did not know which university I should choose. Until I met JACK Study Abroad, they provided me the information and options I required for consideration. As it turns out, I choose Australian National University (ANU) as it is best university in Australia and ANU has the major matches my passion and interest. Thus, I decided to study at ANU through ANU College starting Oct 2018.

JACK Study Abroad really helped me until I arrive and start my study at ANU College. They assisted me to prepare what I needed to be enrolled at ANU College. They also provided me with tips for studying and living abroad. They arranged everything for me including accommodation and student visa etc. And they are still welcome to be contacted anytime If I need anything even after I have been starting my classes. This is I think will not get from any other agency.

I have just completed the first semester at ANU College at present, I enjoy it so far, as I have met many new friends to hangout and chat with, new places to explore and thanks to JACK Study Abroad for this. JACK Study Abroad is an excellent education agency and I’m grateful for their assistance.

Sherina Caroline Chang - Griffith University

Sherina Caroline Chang
Name : Sherina Caroline Chang
Previous institution : UPH College
University : Griffith University, Gold Coast – Australia
Intake : October 2018

Choosing the right university is a tough decision. You need to make sure to do enough research, that way you can find the one that suits you best. I am happy to say that I did the right choice. JACK Study Abroad helped me and guided me to where I am today. From being clueless, to the point where I am having the best time of my life here. I am now studying in Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia. I took the double degree program, majoring in Graphic Design and Business.

I have been studying here for almost one trimester now and I am enjoying it so far. New friends, new environment, new everything. Another perk of studying here in Gold Coast is you can never get bored. I study on the weekdays and go traveling on the weekends. I am forever grateful that JACK Study Abroad helped me made my choice to study here. I wouldn’t be having the time of my life if it wasn’t because of them.

Reynaldo Joshua Nathaniel Alowie - University of Western Australia

reynaldo joshua

Name : Reynaldo Joshua Nathaniel Alowie
Previous institution : Ipeka Plus BSD
University : University of Western Australia – Perth – Australia
Intake : October 2018

At first, I had no idea about where I will be going after high school, and I didn’t know what subject to take either. I tried to browse for options, but it was very difficult since there are tons of universities. Luckily, my parents brought me to JACK Study Abroad Office, where finally I had better and clearer idea and chose 3 universities as options based on my interest and passion. After that, I did research on those universities, and even payed them a visit during school break. After careful consideration, I decided to study engineering and enrol at University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia.

Aside from that, I also attended JACK Study Abroad exhibitions, and I consult with the universities’ representatives from various universities about my study plan, I found this event useful as it has helped me to confirm my option.

I have been starting my studies for 2 months now, and honestly, I’m very glad I made this decision and chose this university. I enjoy my new environment and study in UWA – Perth, Australia. I met many new friends, and discovered new things I have never seen and tried before. The knowledge here perfectly just suits my capabilities and interests, and I love this place. I’m very grateful and thankful for the assistance of JACK Study Abroad for the whole process until I get into Perth – Australia.

Anabella Alexandra Donata - University of Waikato

anabella alexandra donata

Name : Anabella Alexandra Donata
Previous School : Kanaan Global School
Intake : October 2018
University : University of Waikato – New Zealand

Studying in New Zealand has been like dreaming with one’s eyes open, and University of Waikato has exceeded my expectations; I didn’t anticipate how immense the university grounds are or how friendly and accommodating everyone is. I actually came close to missing out on all the things I love now because I signed up much later than other students. I even almost gave up on going to New Zealand and felt hopeless, yet my agent from JACK Study Abroad told me that everything would turn out fine and rushed to get my application in. I’m impressed at how fast they can get everything arranged for me, and I’m glad I came to them for help.

Again, I still can’t express how grateful I am to my agent, Ms. Juwita, and JACK Study Abroad for preparing everything that’s essential to my education in New Zealand. They all go above and beyond just to help me and other students like me.

I can’t thank them enough for their patience with me as I took a really long time deciding what major to take. They were really caring people who have your best interests at heart.

Caryn Tjan - Edith Cowan College

caryn tjan

Name : Caryn Tjan
Previous School : Jakarta Nanyang School
University : Edith Cowan College – Australia
Intake : October 2018

I would have never thought about studying abroad but lots of thanks for JACK Study Abroad for introducing study abroad and making my dreams come true. I have always dreamt about making friends from all over the world and at the same time studying my favorite subject, and I finally can experience this by studying at Edith Cowan College in Perth – Australia. It has only been 4 weeks now and I am already enjoying life in Perth while studying. Comparing Australia to my home country, the people here are much more friendly, everywhere you walk by, even the road side, people will greet you. Feeling welcomed and the hospitality here, by the people, is an amazing experience you won’t be able to feel previously. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for the great assistance until I arrive and study in Perth – Australia. All the best!

Felicia Putri - Macquarie University

felicia putri

Name: Felicia Putri
Previous institution: James Cook University Singapore
University: Macquarie University – Australia
Intake: Feb 2018

Australia has been my number one option in taking my degree. One problem to another, the plan did not go as I expected. Postponing my study to Australia leads me to pursue my bachelor degree in James Cook University Singapore. After graduate, I was offered a job and taking it as a part-time while waiting for the permit. I have been busy ever since, working all day and coming home late has been my routine.

I never consider myself taking master until I was assigned to interview candidates. Bachelor degree holders are very common nowadays and job availability remains the same. That moment reminds me the importance of pursuing higher education while you have the time and chance. However, due to my busy schedule, I never have the time to look for universities. The same time my younger brother is applying for university, he introduces me to JACK Study Abroad that he is consulting with. From that day onwards, the agent always stands by my sight through all the process. Communicating from different countries never troubles us. The agent follows my schedule through messages and calls to keep me updated. Growing my confidence by guiding me through, I resign from the job offer as I got accepted to Macquarie University in Sydney – Australia. The respond of my application is fast as the agent follows up frequently. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for JACK Study Abroad. Choosing to continue your study is one thing but choosing the right one decides your future. JACK Study Abroad gives you the knowledge to make the right decision and make it happen. Hat tip for JACK Study Abroad for making this happen!

Adrian Mahendra - Nazareth College

adrian mahendra

Name: Adrian Mahendra
Previous school: Tunas Muda International School
School: Nazareth College – Australia
Intake: Jan 2018

I was lost and worried when my parents told me that I they are going to send me away for high school. But it all went away since I met JACK Study Abroad. They ensured the best service and result for their customer. Meeting JACK Study Abroad was a blessing in taking my studies to the next step. Everything was done and settled in a blink of an eye. JACK Study Abroad recommend me with the best school with catholic beliefs and teaching and it certainly is great school. I am now living the dream of studying in one of the best countries in the world. Other than that, JACK Study Abroad also offers the best safety of us. Being underage means that I require a host family to stay with me. Believe me, I met one of the kindest hearted family ever. I am grateful for all the service and hospitality they offer. Overall, I really recommend JACK Study Abroad for those who seeks the best in education abroad. I am truly grateful and thankful for JACK Study Abroad team for making this happen. Cheers and best of luck in the upcoming endeavor!

Matthew Aaron - Jakarta International College & Monash University

matthew aaron

Name: Matthew Aaron
Previous School: Binus School Serpong
University: Jakarta International College & Monash University – Australia
Intake: February 2018

Deciding on where to continue your education and pursue your dreams, let alone choosing the right degree out of all the many options, was one of the hardest decision I’ve ever made so far in my life, not to mention that it was the first decision I made transitioning to adulthood. Fresh out of high school, my head was filled with dreams, and like many others back then, I was indecisive on which dream I should pursue. My parents were always so supportive of every decision, particularly the ones involving my future. They were never demanding, they always have my back, and yet I was in doubt, I was at a crossroads. I was so afraid that I’d mess up and choose the wrong degree, and having to pay for it for the rest of my life.

That was until a friend of mine referred me to JACK Study Abroad. I didn’t see the use of it back then as I thought I can handle it myself, but seeing that I barely have any idea on how to make any concrete plans regarding my future, I decided that I need to get as much advice and guidance as I can, so I gave it a shot. I got into contact with JACK Study Abroad, dropped by their office, explained my doubts and concerns, as well as the area of studies that I was interested in. As indecisive as I was, one thing in mind that I was always so sure about was that I am going to study in Australia. Afterwards the agency started to guide me step-by-step through all the process that is designing my own plan and deciding on my future. They were always so understanding, and always prepared to listen to all my problems and issues regarding my education. Even if it was late at night and I have some questions that I need to ask, I could always message them or send an email and get an answer back instantly.

I was hesitant at first of voicing my issues to a stranger as I considered some of it to be personal, but I was glad that I did. Because if not, I’m not sure that I would end up where I am right now, in one of the top eight universities in Australia, studying what I’m most passionate about, in a country that I’ve always wanted to live in. JACK Study Abroad have indeed become more than a mere educational agency for me, they proved to be the moral support that I never thought I needed. Even after I’ve moved on and continued my university life in Melbourne, they are still get in touch. If you are like me, just graduated high school and unsure of which university to choose, or what degree to pursue, then I strongly suggest that you give JACK Study Abroad a call, or just drop by their office, their doors are always open.

Jesse Ledwin Lebe - University of Auckland


Name: Jesse Ledwin Lebe
Previous School: Cardiff University – UK
University: University of Auckland – New Zealand
Intake: February 2018

When engaging in conversations on countries with excellent quality of tertiary education, it is forgivable to overlook New Zealand for other larger countries (e.g. the UK, USA, Germany, Australia). This small Pacific nation is better known for rugby and as the shooting location of The Lord of the Rings trilogy rather than as a destination for studying. However, I decided on pursuing a career on the field of geothermal energy, and so New Zealand quickly became one of my options. So when I had the opportunity to apply to the University of Auckland, I had a mixed bag of feelings. I was excited at the prospect of learning in a beautiful part of the world, but recently graduating from a Russell Group university, I was also questioning the quality and prestige of the education offered. Then a very confusing application process followed, but that was also when JACK Study Abroad came into the picture.

When my mom informed me about JACK Study Abroad I was skeptical. When I decided to give them a go, I instantly knew I made the right choice. I only applied a few weeks before my application deadline, but JACK Study Abroad worked so swiftly that everything was done with time to spare.  I was helped through all steps of the application, and there was always someone whom I can contact almost 24/7. They even helped me with my parents NZ visas (very generous right?). JACK Study Abroad was practically a miracle on my side, and I am truly thankful to everyone working there!

Now I am doing the Master of Energy programme at the University of Auckland, and so far moving here has been a revelation. My main interest is on geothermal energy, and I could not have chosen a better institution for this field of study. Auckland as a city is a stunner; surrounded by eye-pleasing blue waters and green volcanic cones in all directions. This place is also blessed by friendly people and a generous amount of sunlight. A word to students and parents, I can only recommend you to look to Auckland and New Zealand as a potential study destination for you or your child! Lastly, I have JACK Study Abroad to thank for helping me to get here. Without their help, moving to NZ would have been much more difficult for me. Special shout-out to JACK Study Abroad who has been an engine and helped me all the way!

Dini Apriori - Edith Cowan University

dini apriori

Name: Dini Apriori
Previous School: Universitas Gajah Mada
University: Edith Cowan University – Australia
Intake: February 2018

I am eager to continue doing my master’s degree in Environmental Science in Australia. Unfortunately, it was hard to get a complete information related to my degree. Once I have been introduced to JACK Study Abroad. They helped me to figure out which universities fit best for me. They were so helpful, starting from selecting a good university, submitting the documents, preparing other documents required, until preparing for my departure to Australia. I do appreciate JACK Study Abroad for their kind assistance and services. I highly recommend JACK Study Abroad to all my friends who want to study abroad.

Ira Aprilianti - Australian National University

ira aprilianti

Name: Ira Aprilianti
Previous School: Universitas Jenderal Soedirman
University: Australian National University – Australia
Intake: January 2018

Without JACK Study Abroad’s team, I could never have been here, no 1 university in Australia, Australian National University in Canberra.  JACK Study Abroad has helped me though all the process from the pre-application process until the visa. They are very professional, and I could easily contact them literally anytime, –afternoon or evening and weekdays or weekends. It is as easy as moving my fingertips from my phone!

Before JACK Study Abroad, I was a client from other education agency, and trust me, they are not as helpful as JACK Study Abroad. They put my application months before applying it to the university, but JACK Study Abroad did it in only couple of days! On the visa application process, I also got the fastest service when that was hectic, between arranging scholarship and visa, and they are very helpful. I would recommend JACK Study Abroad to all students who wish to study abroad, but do not know how to start because JACK Study Abroad will assist you from the very start until you arrive in your dreamed-university.

Evelyn Deanne Hasana - UNSW Global


Name: Evelyn Deanne Hasana
Previous School: Springfield School
Univ: UNSW Global – Australia
Intake: Sept 2017

I decided to enroll in a Foundation Study course at the very last minute and it was very hectic. I didn’t know what to do, how to enroll, what documents I need etc. But thanks God I found JACK Study Abroad. The service delivered was truly above excellence. It was fast and the staff always keep in touch. Other than applying to the school, JACK Study also helped through every process such as visa application, and others until I arrived in Sydney. Moreover, the staff were really nice and care for all the students they have helped. If not for JACK Study Abroad’s help, I wouldn’t be studying Foundation Program at UNSW Global today. I really enjoy studying in Sydney.

Thank you JACK Study Abroad for making all this possible :)

Nicholas Jovan - Edith Cowan College


Name: Nicholas Jovan
Previous School: SMA Katolik Abdi Siswa
Univ: Edith Cowan College – Australia
Intake: Sept 2017

I always dream to study in Australia and taking Cyber Security as my study course. That dream finally came after I met JACK Study Abroad. When I first arrived at Edith Cowan University I knew that this was the right university for me. The staff were very friendly and not only in university but also in my accommodation known as ECU Village. ECU Village offers a very comfortable experience that makes me feel safe also happy, even if I’m not with my family I never feel lonely. JACK Study Abroad has not only helped me enter ECU but also helped me through all the process including visa and administration. I enjoy studying at ECU and I also enjoy living in the quiet, friendly, also safe city of Perth. Big Thanks to JACK Study Abroad for making my dream come true.

Felix Huang - Le Cordon Bleu

felix huang

Name: Felix Huang
Previous School: Nanan QiaoGuang Middle School China
Univ: Le Cordon Bleu – Sydney, Australia
Intake: Oct 2017

Thank you JACK Study Abroad who has provided me all required information through consultation, as well as process of preparation documents until the visa application process have been done very well, sincere appreciated for their perfect and great job done in short time processed.

Study culinary is my hobby and dream since I was very young, As I grow up in China, studying there from primary school until graduate high school, when I have planning to study abroad, my auntie introduced to me and advised me to consult with JACK Study Abroad then I was coming across from China to Jakarta to consult. JACK Study Abroad has chosen for me the perfect choice which suits my hobby and dream: Le Cordon Bleu – best culinary school. I am now in Sydney – Australia, just started 2 days of orientation and I am very happy and excited to start my course at Le Cordon Bleu.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank JACK Study Abroad for helping me, and I truly recommend JACK Study Abroad as your education agent.

Jonathan Yudoprawiro - Griffith University


Name: Jonathan Yudoprawiro
Previous School: Universitas Indonesia
University: Griffith University, Australia
Intake: July 2017

JACK Study Abroad has been very helpful on helping me enroll into Griffith University. Their service has been great and their staff are very patient. They are also very communicative, reminding and guiding us what we need on every step of the process.

I found studying at Griffith University is a different experience compared to studying at the University of Indonesia. The study environment helps their students to achieve whatever they wish to study. In the first few months, the schedule may be hectic, due to deadlines and the multiple activities provided by the university I wish to join. But after a while, you get used to it. The lecturers are very friendly and are willing to help their students explore their potential. I really enjoy studying at Griffith University, and thanks to JACK Study Abroad to make this happens!

Alvin Ertandy - Le Cordon Bleu


Name: Alvin Ertandy
Previous School:  SMA Pahoa
Univ: Le Cordon Bleu – Sydney, Australia
Intake: Jan 2017

After few months studying in Le Cordon Bleu – Sydney, Australia, I just realize that this school is the best culinary school ever, firstly because they do not only teach us about how to make delicious dishes but also teach us how to respect art and science behind it, they teach and train all students how to become a great chef. Secondly, in Australia we can learn from the real industry working life, as far as I know Le Cordon Bleu in Australia is the only one that give us this great chance. And I am very happy to become one of their student. I wish I can achieve my dream and passion to become a great chef in the future. I was assisted by JACK Study Abroad when I previous applied to Le Cordon Bleu. They have assisted me from very beginning process including application stage, IELTS preparation until I obtain my student visa to study here. Big thanks for JACK Study Abroad for everything.

Illene Rosalin Wibowo - Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne


Name:  Illene Rosalin Wibowo
Previous School:  SMA Harapan Bangsa
Univ: Le Cordon Bleu Melbourne, Australia
Intake: Oct 2016

I have been dreaming to become a pastry chef since I was in junior high school. When my school held an education expo last year, JACK study Abroad came to join as one of the exhibitors. That’s how I firstly knew JACK Study Abroad. I then started to ask and consult about options for culinary schools. They shared me information about Le Cordon Bleu in Australia. They provide me all the required information and the details about Le Cordon Bleu and THIS IS IT. I just felt that I finally found the school which suits my interest best. JACK Study Abroad then assisted me from the registration process until finally I enroll in my patisserie course in Le Cordon Bleu – Melbourne Campus. I’m really happy that finally I could become student of world famous school Le Cordon Bleu. I really enjoy my new life and my study so far, and I have been learning many things about pastry which I’m very passionate with. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for making my dream comes true.

Antonius Kresno Nugroho Pratama - Le Cordon Bleu - Sydney Campus


Name: Antonius Kresno Nugroho Pratama
Previous School: The London School of Public Relation
Univ: Le Cordon Bleu Australia – Sydney Campus, Australia
Intake: Oct 2016

Cooking always been my passion, I started to cook when I was a child with my grandmother. She taught me everything about cooking and so I want to be a great chef. There are two ways to be a great chef, being an apprentice chef in a top restaurant for a very long time or go to a top culinary school. I decided to go to a top culinary school and I chose Le Cordon Bleu Australia.

During my application process until visa process, JACK Study Abroad team are really helpful and communicative. So now I am in Sydney and starting my path to be a great chef. Thank you JACK Study Abroad.

Christiana Claudia - PIHMS


Name: Christiana Claudia
Previous School: SMA Pahoa
Univ: PIHMS – New Zealand
Intake: July 2016

I attended Education Fair in my friend’s high school when I was still in year 11. After looking around, my mom and I stopped by JACK Study Abroad booth. We met Ms Juwita and she provided all information we require about studying abroad, which university suits my preference, and suits my interest etc.

Since it is still 1 year to go, I took IELTS preparation course to prepare my study abroad plan as per her suggestion. But we do keep in touch since then until I step into year 12 which I am ready to apply for university. JACK Study Abroad has assisted me in whole process from application, payment, accommodation until visa process. Thank you to JACK Study Abroad who has given best service. I have been studying for 3 months now in PIHMS – New Zealand, and I enjoy my study very much. JACK Study Abroad is still in touch with me until today, even just check how I’m doing and how is my study going. That’s something I appreciate much and other agent will not do this. I’m feeling really lucky to have JACK Study Abroad as agent.

Edina Wijaya Kusuma - University of Western Australia


Name : Edina Wijaya Kusuma
Previous School : Kaplan – Singapore
Univ : University of Western Australia
Intake : Feb 2016

In April 2015, I finished my Bachelor of Commerce degree in Singapore. At that time, I was interested in pursuing postgraduate level studies but I was not sure which university I should choose.

Fortunately, my friend recommended me to consult with JACK Study Abroad who was the expert to answer my confusion. JACK Study Abroad was very helpful in giving the advices. Further, the staffs were also approachable and responsible throughout the application process. In the end, I chose to study in University of Western Australia. And I enjoy my study and life in Perth so far.

I would like to thank JACK StudyAbroad for their advice and help throughout the entire process.

Alwin Tjhin - Le Cordon Bleu

alwin tjhin

Name : Alwin Tjhin
Previous School : SMA Candra Naya
Univ : Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney – Australia
Intake : September 2015

I am currently taking patisserie program at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney. This has been my passion since I was in high school. I try to look for agent to assist me with the application process to Le Cordon Bleu Sydney and I finally found JACK Study Abroad. JACK Study Abroad have assisted and guided me through whole process which at first I feel it was really hard, long and tough process. I enjoy the study so far and I would like to thanks JACK Study Abroad for helping me to make this happened.

Devin Brainta - Deakin University


Name: Devin Brainta
Previous School: Kaplan Singapore
Univ: Deakin University – Australia
Intake: Nov 2015

At the first, I was a bit skeptical about JACK StudyAbroad’s reputation as it did not sound familiar to me.  Nevertheless, I realized my doubt was wrong. JACK StudyAbroad provided a world-class service to assist me from the registration process till the time I fly to Melbourne. They provided me with some trustworthy information which was very useful for me to decide which University was best suited for me to pursue my postgraduate studies. The whole process was fast due to the discipline and responsive JACK StudyAbroad’s staff. Furthermore, the staff are also responsible. Without their assistance, I would not be sitting here in Melbourne, writing this testimonial. Finally, I would like to thank JACK StudyAbroad for their warm welcome and assistance throughout the entire process!

Rizdi Aprilian Ramadhan - University of Waikato


Name: Rizdi Aprilian Ramadhan
Previous School: ITB
Univ: University of Waikato – NZ
Intake: 2015

I have been living in Hamilton for 4 months now. And so many experiences I have got so far when I am taking English course at University of Waikato. Making new friends from many parts of the world, travelling to others, and also learning new knowledge are amazing things that I’d like to share with you. Thanks for JACK StudyAbroad Indonesia that fully assist me since the beginning of my application until this time. Thanks also for my mentor’s kindness and wisdom during the course, I feel that my English skills eventually become better and better. I’m looking forward to be able to continue my postgraduate study next year.

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