Valentino Lefrand Tjendraputro - Auburn University

Valentino AuburnName: Valentino Lefrand Tjendraputro
Previous School: British School Jakarta
Institution: Auburn University – USA
Intake: September 2022

As one of the students that use JACK Study Abroad service to help planning my study in the USA, JACK Study Abroad was really able to help me to get into Auburn University. With the outstanding help from a counsellor from JACK Study Abroad, she makes me feel more relaxed to go through any process than if I did it by myself. For those of you who are looking for a very professional education consultant, JACK Study Abroad is an amazing place to go when searching for good universities. They were able to help me find my interest major within an exquisite university.

JACK Study Abroad is really useful when finding a university that match with my major and something that I am interested in, which is sports. I am currently studying with a major in Landscape Architecture, and I love study here as Architecture at Auburn University is known as highly ranked program in the USA. Auburn University is also one of the best football teams in the USA, so I thoroughly enjoy watching their football games. The campus environment is amazing and lots of fun, which is something I am grateful for.

Rafa Aryano Dahlan - University of Illinois at Chicago

Name: Rafa Aryano Dahlan
Previous School: Global Jaya School
Institution: University of Illinois at Chicago – USA
Intake: August 2022

When I graduated from high school, I did not have anything in mind regarding the universities I would like to enroll in. I did not know where to start when it came to searching for universities. Meanwhile, my friends and classmates all had ideas on what universities to choose from. I became quite desperate and followed what my friends and families recommended to me, working towards applying to universities I don’t necessarily know or want. Looking back, I was in quite a predicament, anxious about what my future could have been.

However, I was lucky enough to get in contact with one of JACK Study Abroad team. They introduced me to choices I had not come across during my research. Not only that, those choices correlated with the major that I wanted to pursue. They also helped me with the process of compiling documents necessary for my study abroad. Thanks to JACK Study Abroad, I am currently enjoying my studies here at the University of Illinois Chicago, making new friends, experiencing and embracing new cultures in the USA.

Jaocquin Menoch Pakpahan - University of Kansas

Name: Jaocquin Menoch Pakpahan
Previous School: SMA Kristen Makarios
Institution: University of Kansas – USA
Intake: August 2022

Back in August 2021, I was pretty much confused about my academic future. After being recommended by my friend about JACK Study Abroad, I messaged one of the JACK Study Abroad team about my interest in studying abroad in the states. I was given plenty of options about overseas universities, and after all considerations with my parents, I decided to attend the University of Kansas because University of Kansas is one of the top universities in the USA for my major and also affordable price for tuition fees and living.

JACK Study Abroad helped me a lot, especially with document preparation, visa preparation, document translation, and academic advising. I am very grateful because JACK Study Abroad always responds to my questions quickly and accurately, and makes sure all the process goes smoothly.

I would highly recommend JACK Study Abroad for those who want to study abroad and thank you JACK Study Abroad for the great service!

Glenn Bahana - Fraser International College

Denny BahanaNama: Denny Bahana (Orang Tua Glenn Bahana)
Asal Sekolah: SMA Kanisius
Tujuan: Fraser International College Canada
Intake: Sept 2021

Kami menggunakan jasa konsultan pendidikan JACK Study untuk anak kami yang sekarang sudah mulai kuliah S1 tahun pertama di FIC Vancouver Canada.

Kami menggunakan jasa JACK Study mulai dari pendaftaran, pengurusan visa sampai pendaftaran dorm.
Secara keseluruhan kami sebagai orangtua, sangat puas dengan jasa yang diberikan, dalam hal berikut ini:

1. Informasi yang akurat
Banyak hal yang kami tanyakan berkaitan dengan pendidikan di Kanada, mulai dari informasi, admission, sampai dengan prosedur visa, semua informasi kami dapatkan secara baik dan akurat.
2. Komunikasi yang lancar
Sebagai konsultan JACK Study selalu siap membantu kapan saja sehingga komunikasi kami dengan beliau selalu lancar. Jika ada info yang belum diketahui, pasti akan mencari tahu dahulu dan kemudian diinfokan ke kami.
3. Perencanaan waktu yang baik

Setiap tahap selalu membuat perencanaan tanpa mendadak. Mulai dari admission, pelaksanaan tes toefl, pembuatan visa, pendaftaran dorm, dilakukan sedini mungkin.

Demikian pengalaman kami dalam menggunakan jasa JACK Study utk sekolah S1 anak kami di Kanada.

Electra Lingga - Edmonds College

Electra LinggaName: Electra Lingga
Previous School: Tunas Muda School
Institution: Edmonds College –  USA
Intake: January 2022

As a sixteen-year-old student previously enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program, the admission process for moving to a college in Seattle is surprisingly simple. It was a very sudden decision for me so I was afraid that I couldn’t prepare everything on time. This was also something extremely new to us but JACK Study provided complete information and the overall process in a professional, quick, and thorough manner. Not only that, JACK Study also helped us get my student visa and family visa done carefully and on time. We could go as planned without any constraints. JACK Study Abroad has been really helpful and I’m so glad everything worked out well.

Samantha Limeti - Langara College

Samantha LimetiName: Samantha Limenti
Previous School: SMA Santa Ursula BSD
Institution: Langara College – Canada
Intake: September 2021

I knew about JACK Study Abroad because my sister also got help from them. I have wanted to go to school in Canada since I’m in junior high school. I know it won’t be easy to get through the application process. Therefore, I decided to also get help from JACK Study Abroad. I’m grateful for choosing them, all of the staff are very nice and they have a good service. The COVID-19 pandemic has made everything even more difficult and complicated to do on your own. The most stressful things due to the pandemic are getting a visa which takes a very long time and getting a study permit. These two things are very important because they are needed by me to go to Canada and choose classes. However, thanks to the help of JACK Study Abroad, I finally managed to study at Langara College in Canada.

Thank you JACK Study Abroad for all of the support. I want to recommend JACK Study Abroad for everyone that wants to study abroad to make their administrative and application process easier.

Melvern Nathaniel Herrit & Manfred Nathaniel Herrit - Edmonds College

Melvern Nathaniel Herrit & Manfred Nathaniel HerritName: Melvern Nathaniel Herrit &  Manfred Nathaniel Herrit 
Previous School:  PKBM NEGERI 30  
Institution: Edmonds College – USA 
Intake: September 2021

First of all we both thank the Lord Jesus who has given us the blessing and the opportunity to continue our education in America (Edmonds College)

And secondly thanks to our best education agent who helped us a lot, i.e. JACK Study Abroad, we were guided by JACK Study Abroad on the whole process until we got accepted  into Edmonds College etc. Anyway, JACK Study Abroad really helped us both and we are grateful to be helped by JACK Study Abroad.

We pray that JACK Study can continuously do a great job to assist students who would like to study abroad.

Keep moving forward JACK Study Abroad and we will always refer friends and families who wish to study abroad to JACK Study Abroad.

Patricia J. Aurelina - Edmonds College

Patricia J. AurelinaName: Patricia J. Aurelina
Previous school: Santa Laurensia
Institution: Edmonds College (Seattle) – transferred to UC Berkeley Fall 2020 – USA
Intake: Winter 2019

Me and my family have planned forever for me to attend university in the United States. However, there are various tasks to complete the process and it is very intimidating to take the first step. I know I wanted the US, but where? Which college can fulfill my curiosity and let me grow to my full potential? With thousands of universities and colleges in the US, it is hard to pick one, let alone apply and finish all the required application process. Fortunately, I met JACK Study Abroad when I attended their education fair once. It was nice to be able to talk to person who have the experience and can assist me in the process. With their assistance, I am able to be enrolled in the university transfer program in Edmonds College. They also gave me some tips for studying abroad and shared some experiences from previous students, which really helps me in getting used to the US and the education system there.

Finally, in January 2019, I was enrolled in the university transfer program at Edmonds College. There, I met dedicated professors, enthusiastic friends, and when I graduate, I brought with me a handful of beautiful memories. Edmonds College had a lot of international students as well, which helps me feel less homesick. At Edmonds College, I lead my first research group (though informal, still a proud achievement for me), I got my first job, and went to my first science symposium. It is also where I chose my major, chemical engineering. However, Edmonds College does not offer a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, I must transfer to another institution. The advisors in Edmonds College are super helpful in assisting my transfer. They helped me choose coursework, fight for scheduling conflicts, and give their opinions on my personal statement. With their assistance, I am currently transferred to UC Berkeley – one of top US university. Without JACK Study Abroad and Edmonds College staffs, I would never be here. Thank you for leading me to this wonderful journey!

Karel Julius Sinatra - Kansas University

Karel Julius SinatraName : Karel Julius Sinatra
Previous Institution : SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong 
University : Kansas University USA
Intake : September 2019

I have never thought of studying in the USA until I met the education consultant called JACK Study Abroad. When I consult with them first time last year, they asked me what am I planning to do and what I’m passionate about. At that time my answer was Music and performance. They quickly then suggest me to consider studying in the USA as there many good universities offering music courses as well as USA is the greatest industry music after all. I am so convinced with the suggestions and then we go through the whole process of selecting the right university for me that fits my financial, apply to the university, preparing my English requirements, search for the accommodation as well as they helped me to prepare my student visa even the run mock test for the interview which as amazing, thus I can depart smoothly in the end. They really help me in every process and put their 100% effort in what they did.

Today, I am standing here in front of Kansas University building enjoying my study and life here in Kansas. Thank you again JACK Study Abroad!

Mayrina Martha Sihombing - Columbia College

Mayrina Martha Sihombing

Name : Mayrina Martha Sihombing
Previous Institution : Binus School Serpong
University : Columbia College – Canada
Intake : September 2019

At first, I wasn’t sure if studying abroad is a right choice, and then I bumped into JACK Study Abroad during university fair held by my school last year. JACK Stud Abroad helped me to decide on which path suits me best for my further study. JACK Study Abroad provided an amazing list of universities options based on my background which was really helpful. They also made the whole application process so simple and easy. Another thing to point out is that they prioritize the student’s goal and support any decision the student made. Now I have been studying couple months at Columbia College in Vancouver, I’m studying UTP and plan to transfer to top university in Canada afterwards. I enjoy my study and life here so much. Thank you, JACK Study Abroad.

Catherine Christabelle Hermawan - Langara College

Catherine Christabelle Hermawan

Name : Catherine Christabelle Hermawan
Previous Institution : SMA Santa Ursula Jakarta
University : Langara College – Canada
Intake : Sept 2019

Hello, my name is Christabelle and now I’m studying in Langara College in Vancouver. At first, I was indecisive about which country should I go for continuing my studies, and then I came across JACK Study Abroad. They gave me consultation and helped me choose which country would fit best for me.

JACK Study Abroad has made the college application process and visa application much easier for me. They assisted me from the very beginning until I arrived and settled here. They also continue to keep in touch with me after I started my studies. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for taking care of me and giving out advice and endless support, keep up the excellent work!

Gianfranco Ongko - Edmonds College


Name : Gianfranco Ongko
Previous School : Jakarta Nanyang School
Intake : Sept 2018
University : Edmonds Community College – USA

Studying and living in the US has been a life changer for me. Previously, I was confused and lost in what to do after A levels and where to go. Thankfully I stumbled across JACK Study Abroad and was able to get some really helpful guidance and direction towards taking my next step. Personally, I wasn’t prepared to deal with the registration and the entire process of looking and applying to a school, and JACK Study Abroad has offered and given the utmost and best assistance throughout the entire process. Not only that JACK Study Abroad opened up my mind, but the guidance they provided was able to give me new choices and options to take option such as community college. I was still unsure of choosing my major which means that community college is a great choice for students in my previous position. I am currently studying in Edmonds Community College in Lynwood and has chosen business administration as a major. If you are ever unsure in taking the next step after high school, JACK Study Abroad is a great education agency to refer to as they are passionate in guiding and helping us towards our future.

Augelvin Theone Dermaga - Oregon State University


Name: Augelvin Theone Dermaga
Previous School: Penabur Secondary Kelapa Gading
Univ: Oregon State University, USA
Intake: Sept 2017

When my time to choose a university came, it was very hard for me to choose the right university for my future. I aim to study in the USA and there are lots of universities in USA to choose. And there are a lot of things to be considered as well. Then, I visited one of education expo held by JACK Study Abroad. JACK Study abroad gave me a lot of information through consultation and recommended me Oregon State University as one of the options. They also help me through admissions process until the student visa application process, and it went very well.

I have been studying in Oregon State University for 2 weeks now and I enjoy studying here. The environment is very conducive for studying. OSU has a lot of facilities, such as sports center, gym, library, and many more, that all students could have access to use. Corvallis is one of the safest cities in the US, so I do not need to worry about the safety being a student. There are a lot of good food too around the campus.

Thank you JACK Study abroad for giving me this opportunity to study at Oregon State University.

Galandro Tarefi - Oregon State University


Name: Galandro Tarefi
Previous School: SMAN 82 Jakarta
Univ: Oregon State University, USA
Intake: Sept 2016

After graduating from high school I was very confused on where I would like to go to for University and I thought “why not studying abroad?”. Then, I came across JACK Study Abroad. JACK Study Abroad helped me a lot in giving information on various universities that I had liked to attend. Out of them all, I ended up choosing Oregon State University – USA. At first, the registration process was very complex and confusing, except with the help of JACK Study Abroad it ran very smoothly as they assisted me throughout the enrollment process. I’m also very pleased that I finally get scholarship from OSU. Overall I’m very satisfied by the service JACK Study Abroad provided. I highly recommend this agency as they are all friendly and helpful people. Thank you JACK Study Abroad!

Cathy Caroline Lim - Oregon State University


Name:  Cathy Caroline Lim
Previous School:  Serangoon Secondary School Singapore & Jakarta International College
Univ: Oregon State University, USA
Intake: Jan 2017

I never thought that one day I will study in America. Like most of us, I was confused on what major I should pursue and where. I did my research about different kinds of major in hope that I would find something that suits me, guess what, no luck. Then one day I found out about JACK Study Abroad while I was browsing.

I tried to contact them and discuss for the study options after my O level. Turns out, there are a lot of choices, which confused me even more. Never have I thought that I could go to university straight using only my O-level qualification. Thankfully, they guided me through it and asked me simple questions like what subjects I’m currently taking and which one I prefer the most. One of the choices they gave me was chemical engineering. They then introduced several universities from around the world which offer a good chemical engineering program. We stayed in touch even during my exam period. They always update me with new information and also invite to attend the education expo to find out more information.
It was finally time to make a decision and thanks to their fast response and guidance, I am currently studying at Oregon State University in Corvallis – USA, majoring in chemical engineering. Without JACK Study Abroad’s assistance, I may not be where I am now. Thank you!

Teddy LO - University of Vermont

teddy lo

Name: Teddy LO
Previous School: Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore
Univ: University of Vermont (UVM) – USA
Intake: Sept 2015

Currently, I am an undergraduate in UVM with a major of Business. My education journey did not stop at Nanyang Polytechnic as seeking for American Education is part of my dream. To further enhance my knowledge and skills, as well as to expose into a distinctive transition of culture, I have chosen to continue my study in UVM. Without a doubt, the registration process was truly complex and overwhelmed me during procedures. However, with the help from JACK Study Abroad, everything ran smoothly and much easier. I would like to take this opportunity to thank JACK Study Abroad for helping me, and I truly recommend JACK Study Abroad as your education agent.

Munif Pratiwo Pambudi Mastur - INTO University of South Florida

munif pratiwoName: Munif Pratiwo Pambudi Mastur

Previous School: UPH

Univ: INTO University of South Florida – USA

Intake: 2015


JACK Study Abroad Indonesia has been very helpful during my application process to INTO USF. The process was so fast, smooth, on-track and successful. Very appreciate the great assistance, bravo!

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