maxwell audric salim

Name : Maxwell Audric Salim
Previous Institution : Tunas Muda International School
University : Curtin University Singapore
Intake : July 2019

Hi, my name is Max and this is my story to tell. At the end of my year 12, I knew I had to start searching for a university. I was clueless, I had no idea what I wanted, I had no idea where to go. My parents were very supportive; they gave me the freedom yet I came upon many choices I didn’t know what to choose. That’s when JACK Study Abroad stepped in, I went to one of their exhibitions and it changed my whole perspective on where to look.

JACK Study Abroad was a big help in my life. Their services were so friendly, yet informative. I knew nothing about universities even so I didn’t know what undergraduate meant but with JACK Study Abroad that all changed. They provided me various options of the best universities in the world and I decided to stick to Curtin University Singapore. They walked me through the whole process of administration and assisted with any concern or issue I had. I am truly grateful and appreciative towards JACK Study’s hospitality. I truly believe searching universities and applying into them has never been easier, thanks to JACK Study Abroad.

Djava Ajmanwara_362x445

Name : Djava Ajmanwara Kusumadiredja
Previous School : SIS Bonavista
Intake : August 18
University : Kaplan Singapore

Kaplan Singapore is a really good educational institution where I learn a great amount from my lecturers. The lecturers are very encouraging and friendly. They show really good character.  Thankfully for JACK Study abroad I was able to find a good course suits me. And the application process was very quick and I didn’t have to struggle with heaps of paperwork that was needed. My agent JACK Study Abroad is also very friendly, helpful, and supportive. I can’t thank them enough for their patience with me as I took a really long time deciding what major to take. They were really caring people who have your best interests at heart.


Name: Ezra Christian Pattipeiluhu
Previous School: SMA Ora et Labora BSD
University: Curtin University Singapore
Intake: Feb 2018

To study abroad and get an overseas degree from good reputable university is a dream for everyone including myself. But to make the dream comes true, there are challenges within the process itself, which we have to conquer and one of the parties who could give us hand in conquering the challenges is a reputable education consultant. JACK Study Abroad, has been actively assisting me from the beginning until my departure to Curtin University Singapore, even though my parents and me actually made decision quite last minute.  JACK Study Abroad, which is a reputable education consultant, headquarter from Singapore, is my recommendation for you who wishes to study abroad. Just contact them and share your interest, you can get all assistance and their services is free.  My path has been starting now at Curtin University Singapore and dream to be success is on the way. Thanks to JACK Study Abroad!


Name:  Acicia Barbara Antoinette
Previous School:  SMAN 70 Jakarta
Univ: Raffles Design Institute – Singapore
Intake: Jan 2017

Being a designer has been my dream since I was a little girl. The enthusiasm always thrilled myself to become one. I am really interested in taking overseas study as I believe I could gain better knowledge as well as building my personal characteristic. Then my close friend recommended me to contact JACK Study Abroad. Luckily JACK Study Abroad recommended me a campus which I have been longing for: Raffles Design Institute Singapore. It was quite last minute decision and process. But JACK Study Abroad assisted me went through step by step all the process in very short period till I could start my study on time. It is my pleasure to have their great assistance. They work courteously, efficient, and wholehearted. JACK Study Abroad has played a big part in fulfilling my journey. And here I am now, enjoying my life and study in Singapore.

Name: Ignatius Reinaldy Darmawan
Previous School: SMA Santa Ursula BSD
Univ: Dongbei University of Finance and Economics – China
Intake: Sept 2015

JACK StudyAbroad telah membimbing dan membantu saya untuk study ke Dongbei University of Finance and Economics di Dalian – China. Mulai dari memberi informasi yang lengkap, memberi kontak pelajar Indonesia yang berada disana hingga membantu menyelesaikan segala administrasi yang dibutuhkan termasuk juga pengurusan pembayaran dan visa. Overall service yang diberikan sangat memuaskan. Thanks JACK StudyAbroad, sukses selalu!

brigitaName : Brigita Belinda
Previous School : Loyang Secondary School – Singapore
Univ : Curtin University – Singapore
Intake : 2015

JACK Study Abroad had helped me immensely in choosing the next step to further my education. After graduating from secondary school in Singapore, I was definitely at a loss. I did not know what to do or where i was going to continue my studies. One day as I was browsing the internet, I stumbled upon JACK Study Abroad’s website. I filled in the enquiry form – thinking it wouldn’t really help me in any way. A couple of days later, an agent from JACK Study Abroad contacted me through whatsApp. Her name was Juwita. We talked for a few days, trying to figure out what i wanted to do next. She was extremely helpful and informative of the many options I could choose from.

After choosing to Curtin College, Juwita helped me to enroll for the course that I wanted. The process had been easier than expected, she clearly informed me of all the neccessary documents needed and made the enrollment fast and easy. She also briefed me on what would happen once I reached campus, and what documents were required for my student’s pass. Overall I am very pleased with the service provided by JACK Study Abroad because they not only help you choose which study option is best for you, but they also help you in the enrollment process and make it generally easier and more understandable.

christopher djoniName : Christopher Djoni
Previous School : UMN
Univ : Curtin University – Singapore
Intake : 2015


Hi. Saya dengan Christopher. Sebentar lagi saya akan berangkat study ke Curtin Singapore. Saya ingin sharing Testimonial utk JACK Study Abroad Indonesia. Saya sangat terbantu dengan service dari JACK Study Abroad Indonesia, yang telah banyak membantu saya, mulai dari menyediakan kelas persiapan IELTS bagi saya, membantu proses pendaftaran ke Curtin University hingga pengurusan student pass, dan tidak lupa briefing sebelum keberangkatan. Thank you JACK Study Abroad!

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