Adino Jedidiah Tirtakusuma - Kaplan - University of Nottingham


Name: Adino Jedidiah Tirtakusuma
Previous institution: Kairos Gracia Christian School
University: Kaplan – University of Nottingham – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

To be honest, I had absolutely no idea what I’m going to do once I graduated from my high school. My parents had decided that they want to play no part in helping me select and apply to a university. The fact that there are lots of top universities with different rankings for each individual subjects just further complicates the process of selecting an ideal university for me.

Luckily, I was able to attend a JACK Study Abroad exhibition where I saw a booth for the University of Nottingham’s foundation course. Considering that it has a respectable ranking in the world (83th in the world, according to QS top universities), I decided to enroll right there and then. With the fast assistance of JACK Study Abroad in my VISA application and numerous other matters, I was able to attend the foundation course in the UK.

As of right now, I have been accepted into the University of Nottingham and can’t wait to start studying this September! I appreciate JACK Study Abroad for their tremendous assistance that has allowed me to study in one of the top universities in the world.

Octa Marihot Dharma - University of Salford


Name: Octa Marihot Dharma 
Previous School: Binus University
University: University of Salford, Manchester – UK
Intake: Jan 2018

At first, I thought self-applying to university will be an easy process and no hassle, but it’s wrong. This is what happen to me during my application to University of Salford.

I applied to the university with so much effort and I did not know much about the documents needed to make application thus I have to send so many times back and forth dealing with the admission. Finally, I totally gave up and I found JACK Study Abroad to assist me with my university application.

Getting to know JACK Study Abroad is one of the best thing ever because I totally feel free after that. Their team are really helpful from the start, they liaise a lot with the university to find out why my application was still pending and solve the problem very fast. They are also super friendly, warm and always ready listening to all my concerns and worries regarding my study in the UK, but after I share and talk to them I always feel better and more confident to go study in the UK. They are also very knowledgeable about UK and my university, previously I thought that I already find out a lot about Salford, but no, there are so many things that I don’t know and I’m glad because they are super informative (you can literally ask them anything!). I’m also really happy with my visa application process as everything goes smoothly and they make sure you have all the documents needed.

And here I am now in Salford Manchester, one of the coolest university in the UK. Thank you JACK Study Abroad team for always helping me since day one until now. I definitely recommend their free service to everyone who wish to study abroad and my advice is do not ever apply to university yourself if you don’t wanna go through all the hassle and problems.

Sherlly Hadiyani Tisnawati - Middlesex University


Name: Sherlly Hadiyani Tisnawati
Previous School: Institut Pertanian Bogor
University: Middlesex University – UK
Intake: October 2017

Choosing a right university wasn’t an easy step for me. JACK Study Abroad helped me to sort the list of universities which suits my need and background. I finally ended up choosing Middlesex University in London. JACK Study Abroad also helped me very efficiently throughout the application process, accommodation until student visa process. I have been couple months now in London, and I enjoy my study and life here in London. Thanks to JACK Study Abroad made this happened!

Amanda Isabella Sunarto - Oxford Brookes University

amanda isabella sunarto

Name: Amanda Isabella Sunarto
Previous School: Singapore Institute of Management
University: Oxford Brookes University – UK
Intake: January 2018

Decided to change to a different university in the last minute when all you had to do was to accept the offer letter required 2 things simultaneously= courage……..and awesome education agency!

Despite last minute preparation and different time zone (Jakarta-Sydney), JACK Study Abroad has successfully taken care the application to my new preferred university in the matter of only 2 days! As the official representatives of many renowned universities around the world, JACK Study Abroad has also eased my paranoia in waiting for the response from UK’s admission teams (deadline was about to close very soon), whom they tracked my application personally with.  JACK Study Abroad was also very attentive and patient in answering my questions, including accommodation in UK, which I was not familiar with.

After the offer letter has been issued in a surprisingly short time, JACK Study Abroad consistently proved its professionalism once again. They then assisted me in preparing my student visa application, from medical check-up to immigration interview (the most crucial!). The process went very smoothly despite busy holiday season (it was mid-December already) and in a blink of eye, I was able to depart to UK just in time. JACK Study Abroad also provided me with pre-departure briefing, to ensure that I would be able to settle in UK comfortably as I was only by myself.

I am grateful to the opportunity of being assisted by JACK Study Abroad’s speed, professionalism, and friendliness. JACK Study Abroad has my highest recommendation to all students who are keen to study abroad hassle free.

Nicholas Reynaldo - University of Bristol

nicholas reynaldo

Name: Nicholas Reynaldo
Previous School: St Joseph Institution International Singapore
University: University of Bristol – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

It has always been at my best interest to pursue my passion on economics and finance, and to further study them in top university in the UK. JACK Study Abroad serves as a bridge that allows me to grasp that dream. Not only assisted me on my UCAS application, but they also helped on researching relevant and detailed information such as on campus accommodation, university qualifications and finances. This ultimately allowed me to choose the best possible university which suits my goals and ambitions. On top of that, one of the most significant assistance I received from JACK Study Abroad was through the amount of paperwork and documents they helped prepare for the student visa application process. JACK Study Abroad’s presence during the course of my university application up to pre departure briefings was a crucial factor that allowed me to study in University of Bristol in the UK.

Dessy Kasim - University of Sussex

dessy kasim

Name: Dessy Kasim
Previous School: Universitas Atmajaya
University: University of Sussex – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

I would like to thank JACK Study Abroad’s team, who has really helped me in preparing my Master of Business Administration study in University of Sussex. I truly appreciate their kind assistance from submission of my application, housing arrangement and even the UK visa application process. Even though I contacted and decided to study in Sussex pretty late (around July) when the submission was opened since the beginning of the year, everything is handled so quickly and professionally. The staff is always available to answer all my questions, even late at night or weekend! Thank you once again JACK Study Abroad! All of this won’t happen if not for JACK Study Abroad’s assistance.

Taurista Perdana Syawitri - UWE Bristol


Name: Taurista Perdana Syawitri
Previous School: Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
University: UWE Bristol – UK
Intake: Jan 2018

My connection with JACK Study Abroad started when I prepared to apply UK visa for my study. At first I thought that I can do it by myself. However, after looking the details, I decided that I need a help for applying my UK visa and other matter. I got the information about JACK Study Abroad from my friend who also use their service.

Without wasting time, I contacted JACK Study Abroad and share my condition. The staff was very kind and helped me through my visa application. The staff always answer my questions even sometime I texted at night. The staff also helped me when I had an ATAS certificate problems and explained to the immigration. Fortunately, my student visa was approved and here I am now, in the UK, starting my PhD student life again for next 3 years at UWE Bristol.

Richelle Lee Wirharjanto - Lancaster University


Name: Richelle Lee Wirharjanto
Previous School: Binus School Serpong
University: Lancaster University – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

Feeling lost about my future, I found certainty in the assurance JACK study Abroad provided me with. The time they spent explaining and unveiling all the possibilities that my future could bring as they introduced me to many prestigious universities, greatly assist me in deciding where I wanted to go and where I wanted to be.

After the decision was made, they acted swiftly and effectively in handling all my documents that were required to enroll in my preferred university. Then after, they continued to do their service by helping me prepare to depart to the UK. On the whole, JACK Study Abroad was always there every step of the way. They provided me with the guidance I need when I needed it, and the support I need when I needed it.

They would be the lifeline you held onto as you leapt toward the uncertainty of your future. Thank you JACK Study Abroad!

Yesaya Sandang - UWE Bristol


Name: Yesaya Sandang
Previous School: Universitas Indonesia
University: UWE Bristol – UK
Intake: Jan 2018

JACK Study Abroad memainkan peranan penting dari fase awal studi saya di Inggris. Mereka telah memberikan dukungan penuh mulai dari persiapan dokumen dan pengurusan visa, berhubungan dengan pihak Universitas, pemesanan akomodasi, sampai pada panduan untuk keberangkatan saya. Sejak awal setiap pertanyaan dan informasi yang saya ajukan selalu ditanggapi dengan cepat dan ramah. Tindak lanjut dari setiap komunikasi kami juga selalu dikerjakan dengan sigap. Hingga pada akhirnya saya dapat berangkat tepat waktu untuk memulai studi S3 saya di UWE Bristol. Terimakasih kepada rekan-rekan di JACK Study Abroad atas kerja luar biasanya. Hingga sekarang saya juga masih contact dengan JACK Study Abroad, mereka sangat atensi atas smua student yang dihandle. Saya sangat merekomendasi!

Kusman Haryono - Edinburgh Napier University

Kusman Haryono

Name: Kusman Haryono
Previous School: Amikom Yogyakarta
University: Edinburgh Napier University – UK
Intake: Jan 2018
I would like to thank JACK Study Abroad’s team for their contributions in my life, my study has now begun. I am now a student at Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland, UK) conducting “MSc Advanced Security and Digital Forensics” programme of study.
JACK Study Abroad helped me a lot from the initial process sorted a list of universities meeting my qualification; administrative arrangements (application submission, correspondences, things to do); and post-acceptance assistance. JACK Study Abroad even arranged my Visa application until it was done, and will help my dependents to arrange their Visas as well if necessary.
Not sure about studying abroad? Contact JACK Study Abroad now and they will happily assist you, and best of all, it’s free of charge.

Rois Ricaro - Coventry University

Rois Ricaro

Name: Rois Ricaro
Previous School: Telkom Institute of technology
University: Coventry university – UK
Intake: Jan 2018

Study in UK is my ultimate dream, but I realized there are a lot of difficulties and hassles that I have to deal with, especially when I have not enough time to search information about it. I am lucky that one of my friend recommended me to use JACK Study Abroad services. Since day one, JACK Study Abroad has provided me countless guidance, tips, advice and assistance.

They are really helpful, hands on and patient with me, they have guided me from selecting the good university, submitting documents, document check, reminding me on deadlines, until visa application, all proceed smoothly till the day I depart to UK.

I really appreciate all JACK Study Abroad help and services. Therefore, I would highly recommend it to all my friends and those who wants to study abroad to use JACK Study Abroad services too.

Nickholas Louise - ONCAMPUS Sunderland


Name: Nickholas Louise
Previous School: CATS College
University: ONCAMPUS Sunderland – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

It has been my 3rd year in the UK and now I’m currently doing Foundation Program in the ONCAMPUS Sunderland. First time being in the northern part of England and I am fitting in well especially in the university life. Shout out to JACK Study Abroad whom introduced me to the ONCAMPUS Sunderland and helped me with my application and others process to study here. I have been studying 3 months now in Sunderland and it’s still a long way to finish my study in Pharmacy, but I know I will have a great time studying here throughout the years to come. Thanks JACK Study Abroad!

Daniel Wicaksana Ng - Coventry University


Name: Daniel Wicaksana Ng
Previous School: PSB Academy
University: Coventry University – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

I came to a decision to study in the UK as soon as I completed my diploma course in Singapore. I didn’t have a good idea about how the system works in the UK and on the application process. I would like to thank JACK Study Abroad for providing me the path to support my decision become a reality. They helped me in going through the process which I would not have been able to do by myself such as the IELTS preparation, university application, accommodation, visa application, and even flight arrangement. I’m grateful the whole process ran smooth until my departure to Coventry University.

The staffs were all friendly and very patient towards me throughout the application process. Thanks to JACK Study Abroad, I am able to pursue further studies in one of the modern university in the UK.

Oliver Taro Lisardi - INTO University of Exeter


Name: Oliver Taro Lisardi
Previous School: UPH College
University: INTO University of Exeter – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

Studying abroad has always been one of my dreams. When the time has come to a near, I faced difficulties that impedes the progress of achieving my goals, and one of them was preparation.

Originally, my parents forbid me to seek assistance from agents. But, after I met JACK study abroad and they guide me through the complex preparation of my education, they gained trust and is even contented with their service.

JACK Study Abroad aided me through the application of various universities and even other essential applications and vital documents such as IELTS and visa. Differing from most other agents, JACK Study Abroad does not only assist me in the preparation phase but still communicates with their students after their departure.

Thanks to JACK study abroad, I may have a chance to accomplish my study at the University of Exeter (top 10 UK universities) and achieve my goal!

Hamid Asman - Queens University Belfast

hamid asman

Name: Hamid Asman
Previous School: Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret (UNS)
University: Queens University Belfast – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

Pursuing study overseas requires you go through many procedures and requirements in preparation, not only about academic matters addressed to you, but it also about visa required by international student. To be honest, I personally do not familiar with whole requirements and documents needed to be submitted to the immigration, since this is my first time dealing with overseas immigration. I contacted some of my friends who are studying in the United Kingdom; they highly recommended me to contact JACK Study Abroad (JSA) to get assistance.

Before  contacting JACK Study Abroad, first of all, I try to check their website (, what I found there is really surprising me because JACK Study Abroad has partners with many top universities from 7 countries to study around the globe (one of them is Queens University Belfast, UK where I am currently studying). Moreover, JACK Study Abroad also has well-trained human resources and always ready to guide and assist you kindly and responsively. In addition, JACK Study Abroad provides FREE services “from initial enquiry through your arrival at the university” which is great services for everyone including myself.

I personally experienced great assistance and guidance during the application process. JACK Study Abroad assisted me in preparing whole documents needed for my application and visa. They always available in providing information regards to my application through email as well WhatsApp message. They responded quickly my enquiries about some documents or information which I did not understand. With such a nice assistance and guidance, my VISA application to Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom accomplished appropriately until I arrive in Belfast. After all, everything runs very well here in Belfast and I have been enrolling to my PhD Education Programme in Queens University Belfast, UK without encountering any problems. I really impressed by JACK Study Abroad services and I highly recommended them for those who would like to pursue their study abroad.

Faradina Hendriani - Newcastle University


Name: Faradina Hendriani
Previous Schools: Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta
Univ: Newcastle University – UK
Intake: Sept 2017
I always dream to study abroad in UK to pursue my master degree on LLM International Business Law. I am so grateful that my dream can become true and it’s all thanks to JACK Study Abroad for making it possible. I decided to choose Newcastle University in the very last minute with the information, recommendation, guidance and help from JACK Study Abroad.

All the application process and preparation became so much easier because of JACK Study Abroad, even they also helped me to find an accommodation that suits me the most. They always responded all my questions and guided me very well throughout the process including visa application until I departed to Newcastle.
JACK Study Abroad said that I will definitely love Newcastle University and the city, and that is totally right! I really love the university, the international environment, the accommodation, the study life and everything. I am really happy and grateful with the decision that I made, JACK Study Abroad is definitely the best education agent ever. Thank you so much JACK Study Abroad!

Eugenia Angesti Meganingtyas - ISC Leeds – University of Leeds


Name: Eugenia Angesti Meganingtyas
Previous School: SMA St. John BSD
Univ: ISC Leeds – University of Leeds – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

I am beyond thankful for JACK Study Abroad who has helped make my dream of studying in the UK come true. I truly appreciate the patience in guiding me throughout the process, from the IELTS test, registration, to the visa application.

My mom was the one who really encouraged me to study abroad. During my school exhibition, she spoke with JACK Study Abroad and they provided detailed information about the major I am very passionate about – International Relations. I was very surprised when JACK Study Abroad introduced me to University of Leeds which coincidentally holds the title of University of the Year in 2017. It seemed to be the right choice for me with high quality teaching and international environment. Therefore, I highly recommend those who is interested to study abroad to consult further with JACK Study Abroad.

I hope to not only get the knowledge, but also the experience of studying abroad which will increase my maturity and independence. Thanks, JACK Study abroad, none of this could happen without you!

Johan David Purwadi - University of Bristol


Name: Johan David Purwadi
Previous School: Binus School Serpong
Univ: University of Bristol – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

Deciding to study in the UK is one thing, but preparing for it is another. Thankfully, I had JACK Study Abroad to assist me; from the complicated application process, gathering the required documents, visa application, even until the day of the departure are well taken care by them. I fully recommend JACK Study Abroad compared to the others as I have experienced it myself. I had issue with the application process while under the hand of another education agent. It was so frustrating at that time. Eventually, I searched again and gratefully found JACK Study Abroad. Since then, the journey was smoother and now I am here in University of Bristol, one of top 5 universities in UK and pursuing my dream as an aerospace engineer. I enjoy my new life and study at University of Bristol. Thank you again JACK Study Abroad for making my dream into reality.

Dennise Zehfanya Tohpati - INTO Queen University Belfast


Name: Dennise Zehfanya Tohpati
Previous School: SMA Tarakanita Gading Serpong
Univ: INTO Queen University Belfast – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

Study is one of essential part of life, especially study in one of the best country which is really serious about education, UK. Studying in the UK for me is the best opportunity to gain knowledge and experience. Is not all about formal education, but also experiencing new life and culture that I never had previously in my life. JACK Study Abroad helped me to experience all about UK education and life experience. JACK Study Abroad helps me from scratch. They helped me to choose the university that really fits my interest, prepared my documents, IELTS preparation, accommodation, visa application and etc until I get to INTO Queen’s University Belfast. Here I am now at Belfast, I really enjoy studying at INTO Queen’s University Belfast, university which I very recommend for future students to consider for studying. Thanks, JACK Study Abroad!

Yosua Petra - Nottingham Trent University


Name: Yosua Petra
Previous School: Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN)
Univ: Nottingham Trent University – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

I was planning to continue taking Master Degree in the UK during last semester of my undergraduate study. Then by chance I met JACK Study Abroad at the university fair. And I was super thrilled when I received a scholarship opportunity to study MSc Computer Science at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. Of course, it wasn’t a smooth journey; Without JACK study I would have to go through so much for the visa process, registration and all the paperwork. Not only that, JACK Study Abroad also helped me in preparing all the necessary documents, enrollment process, flight tickets and accommodation, JACK study was also very helpful and responsive in presenting information to ensure that I am ready to embrace a university life far away from home. By the time I got here, everything has been taken care of and I am glad that JACK Study Abroad assisted me along the way. Thanks, JACK Study Abroad!

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