Maria Freda Antoinette - University of Bristol


Name: Maria Freda Antoinette
Previous School: Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
Univ: University of Bristol – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to JACK Study Abroad for the kind assistance with the university and visa applications process. Without JACK Study Abroad, I would not be able to study at University of Bristol, one of the UK top 10 universities (QS World University Rankings, THE World University Rankings and ARWU). JACK Study Abroad was always available to answer my queries, even at weekends! In addition, JACK Study Abroad always made sure that I had all of my documents ready and that I did not miss any deadlines for university and visa applications. As one of JACK’s clients, I must say JACK Study Abroad is very approachable, helpful and knowledgable about the whole university admissions process. Special thanks to JACK Study Abroad team for ther tireless efforts to help me fulfil one of my dreams!

Umu Kusnawati - Coventry University


Name: Umu Kusnawati
Previous School: STIA Jakarta
Univ: Coventry University – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

My dream finally comes true. Thanks JACK Study Abroad for helping me so much, from course application until my visa get done in ease. And here I am, an MSc student in Coventry University in the UK. It is real, it is beyond my imagination.

Becoming a scholarship awardee was amazing. Then, questions came up in my mind, “how to get LoA, visa and accommodation settled? Can I do them all alone in such a short time within my busy activities?” Things became possible and reachable for one like me who spent time more for work. No worry for technical problems because JACK Study Abroad understand our needs. So if you are a busy person with a huge dream, just go for it. All you need is an experienced and a dedication agent to bring you to it. Trust me, JACK Study Abroad is the choice.

Lika Apriliani - University of Northampton


Name: Lika Apriliani
Previous School: Institute Pertanian Bogor
Univ: University of Northampton – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

I have been dreaming to study in the UK since long time ago.  However, I face many troubles in the preparation, until I felt very stressful, but then I met JACK Study Aboard who has helped me to make all steps become much easier. They were really helpful, patience with all of my questions and always supporting me no matter what condition, and now finally I’m officially a student at the University of Northampton – UK now. And I enjoy my new study and new journey in the UK. Thanks to  JACK Study Abroad!

Kathleen Anna - INTO University of Exeter


Name: Kathleen Anna
Previous School: Morning Star Academy
Univ: INTO University of Exeter – UK
Intake: Sept 2017

It was during an education fair when I first met JACK Study Abroad. Super grateful and thankful for the assistance that I received from JACK Study Abroad. JACK Study Abroad has helped me throughout the application process to INTO University of Exeter, including taking the IELTS exam, as well as the visa application. And no matter how many questions I ask all the time, they have always responded and guided me so well. They are very different from other consultancy I knew. Lastly, I was so grateful when I also received partial scholarship from INTO University of Exeter. JACK Study Abroad is really recommended and very helpful if you are planning to study overseas!

Cynthia Laurence - Nottingham Trent University


Name: Cynthia Laurence
Previous School: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Univ: Nottingham Trent University, UK
Intake: Sept 2017

It has always been my biggest dream to study at UK. However, it was nearly impossible to make it happened within a short period of time without the assistance of JACK Study Abroad. The friendly staff has been patiently assisting and supporting me till I am fully enrolled in Nottingham Trent University. I enjoy my study here. And hopefully I can gain great experience during my study here at NTU which is one of the best universities in the UK for design. Thank you so much JACK Study Abroad for making it possible!

Misha Nugraha Ramadhan - Durham University


Name: Misha Nugraha Ramadhan
Previous School: Institut Pertanian Bogor
Univ: Durham University, UK
Intake: Sept 2017

And finally I am here, studying at Durham University – top 5 university in UK… many things had to be prepared with great efforts like preparing both sufficient academic skills and tough mental health, passing several steps to get the scholarship and of course corresponding with the university to apply and confirm a place there and setting a trip to get into the university… JACK Study Abroad as one of the official representative of Durham University had made the last two things above a lot easier.. so, I could pass a smooth process overall.. with assistance from JACK Study Abroad team, I hadn’t to be worried of my application and documents that were required when applying the university.. JACK Study Abroad also assisted me to settle down everything including my visa application.. everything has been done on time and I arrived here at the right time to start my study.. last but not least, it doesn’t cost anything using their service.. thanks JACK Study Abroad..!

Gracia Christina Lienanto - Nottingham Trent University


Name: Gracia Christina Lienanto
Previous School: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Univ: Nottingham Trent University, UK
Intake: Sept 2017

Studying in UK has always been one of my biggest dreams that I would like to achieve someday, but I never thought that someday would come this fast. Thank you JACK Study Abroad for making it happen with so little time and yet I was assured from the very beginning that everything will be fine because of the encouraging assistance that I got from the staff. I am gonna make my journey in Nottingham Trent University worthwhile, for both my sake, my family and for JACK Study Abroad who has helped me get this far! Keep up the good work JACK Study Abroad! Continue to not only be an agent or consultant to the students but also as an encouraging friend!

Nadia Valerie Salsabila - Royal Holloway, University of London

nadia salsabila

Name: Nadia Valerie Salsabila
Previous School: SMA Global Islamic School
Univ: Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
Intake: Sept 2017

Never have I thought that one day I will continue my study abroad. I applied 2 government universities back then. One of the universities offered a ‘double degree’ which basically means I can study 2 years in Indonesia and 2 years abroad. When I told that information to my dad, he hesitated. He asked me why don’t I study full degree abroad rather than the double degree. I thought about that for a moment, and I think my dad was right. So, my dad and I attended an exhibition, by JACK Study Abroad, where almost all UK universities gathered in one place. We agreed to choose a university which is close to my relatives (I’m half british).

After scanning for a while, we saw a university which is not far from my grandfather’s house, Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL). We were greeted kindly by a woman and she explained everything about RHUL. Surprisingly, she mentioned that the degree that I wanted was ranked 4th best in the UK. I thought that this is a very good chance for me. A very good experience. So after a while, I agreed that I will go to that university. JACK Study Abroad helped me so much. They keep reminding me about the important stuff (ielts, bank statement, visa, etc). Honestly, without JACK Study Abroad, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I’m so grateful that I’ve chosen them to help me. I also enjoy studying at RHUL, it’s a very high standard education. Thank you so much JACK Study Abroad!

Evelyn Thesia - Kings Education Oxford


Name: Evelyn Thesia
Previous school: Kairos Gracia
School: Kings Education Oxford, UK
Intake: Sept 2017

I have always dreamed about studying abroad, but then just thinking about the preparation alone drives me crazy. Luckily, a friend of mine introduce me to JACK Study Abroad. I was hesitant at first but then the staff showed full support right at the very beginning and have been assisting me with my legal documents since then. After a while, I found out that the staff are really friendly and responsive. They never complain how much questions you asked and would be delighted to give you advice or tips on the upcoming event. What’s more? It’s completely free, you don’t have to pay a single penny for the consultation. I greatly recommend JACK Study Abroad because unlike any other agent, the staff here will still lend their helping hand even when you have settled in your college/university. Big thanks to JACK Study Abroad for making it possible.

Glaudius Sebastian - ISC Lancaster University


Name: Glaudius Sebastian
Previous School: Ipeka Integrated Christian School Jakarta
University: ISC Lancaster University, UK
Intake: January 2017

Studying in the top universities in United Kingdom has always been my dream. However, I have always thought that getting accepted in a UK university would be extremely hard (especially for students who did not take A Level like me). Luckily, JACK Study Abroad offered me very insightful knowledge regarding various pathways to get into UK top universities. Moreover, they assisted me in every single step in the application process including applying for the visa. They are very friendly, responsive and eager which is why I would easily recommend JACK Study Abroad to be the institution you rely your future with. I am now currently in my Foundation Programme with an offer in Lancaster University (UK Top 10 Universities) to study Finance, big thanks to JACK Study Abroad!

Venny Karolina - Queen’s University Belfast



Name:  Venny Karolina
Previous School:  Flinders University Australia
Univ: Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Intake: Sept 2016

I am a Doctorate student in Education – September 2016 Intake at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and I am one of awardees of BUDI LN LPDP Scholarship Batch 1 2016. JACK Study Abroad has a good cooperation with Queen’s University and this facilitates me to organize my student visa to United Kingdom. I am impressed with the service given by JACK Study Abroad; the staffs are very friendly and they are quick helping me arrange my visa so that I could come to Belfast in time. For me this help is very meaningful as I cannot take the risk of applying visa by myself in which I might make mistakes and it probably can cost me more. For you guys who those want to continue your study abroad, I highly recommend to contact JACK Study Abroad in order to manage your Letter of Offer from the university until Visa process. It is free! You do not need to pay anything and you can ask any questions related to your study, visa and your departure preparation. Thank you JACK Study Abroad and good luck for everyone! Wish you all the best.

Mahfudzah Ulfa - UCL – Institute of Education


Name:  Mahfudzah Ulfa
Previous School:  Syiah Kuala University Aceh 
Univ: UCL – Institute of Education, UK
Intake: Sept 2016

Being able to Study in the UK was one of my big dream since I was a little kid. I have prepared myself by improving my English and trying to build links with some of educational agencies during my undergraduate study. Experiencing some of the services provided by educational agencies to apply for my postgraduate study, I have to admit JACK StudyAbroad is the best education agency so far. Getting to know JACK StudyAbroad is really a blast. They are the most helpful agent I have ever worked with. They provided me with complete information I need and they are really supportive on every steps of my enrolling process to university that I am keen to study until I got accepted into UCL-IOE. Never in my dream I thought that I would get accepted in UCL-IOE, the world number 1 for education in the latest QS World university rankings by subject. I thought an ordinary village girl like me would never have a chance to study in a top university like UCL-IOE. When this testimonial provided, I have spent 4 months studying at UCL-IOE in London and still the feeling is very surreal. Without JACK StudyAbroad’s assistance, all of this would not have been possible. Thank you very much JACK StudyAbroad.

Philips Stevenson - ISC Lancaster University


Name: Philips Stevenson
Previous School: Ipeka Integrated Christian School Jakarta
Current University: ISC Lancaster University, UK
Intake: January 2017

To be sincerely honest, JACK Study Abroad has done its job perfectly in providing consultation as well as preparation documents which makes the visa application process much easier. I’m pretty sure other educational agencies will pretty much do the same so there’s nothing much to say about that.

However, something about JACK Study Abroad that differentiates them from the other agencies is that they are extremely good when handling tons of pressure. I had experienced a huge problem when I was informed by ISC Lancaster University, a month before my departure with the UK Tier 4 Visa in my hand, that I can’t do the major I want as there were issues that are generally unclear. As a result, I was asked to either switch universities or switch majors. With less than a month to decide and to re-apply for my new visa, JACK Study Abroad really helps me by constantly communicating back and forth with the university to try different options in order for me to stay on my major or ask for a refund all together.

A lot of other educational agencies out there might help you with your visa application or with providing sufficient information for you to understand the universities better. They might not be there to help you when there is a problem that’s not their fault. There is no guarantee for them to support you during those times. But with JACK Study Abroad, there is legitimate proof from my case that they are going to help you throughout your journey even when their job is “over”.

Thanks a lot JACK Study Abroad for your help!

Harialyyanto Nurcahyo Ardhi - University of Huddersfield


Name: Harialyyanto Nurcahyo Ardhi
Previous School: Institut Pertanian Bogor
Univ: University of Huddersfield, UK
Intake: Sept 2016

I would like to pass my gratitude to JACK Study Abroad Team. Because of their sincere assistance from beginning, I can realize my big dream to pursue my Master Degree in the UK. I am currently studying MSc International Marketing at University of Huddersfield – UK. And I enjoy studying in the UK very much.

Their assistance includes the choices of the universities, how to apply for the program, gather all the required documents, IELTS test registration, and also visa process, till I depart to UK, JACK Study Abroad Team has been very helpful. I received lots of information and input before I start my new journey in the UK. I am very pleased with JACK Study Abroad overall. Well done and wish JACK Study Abroad more success!

Kevin Yuniar - Coventry University


Name: Kevin Yuniar
Previous School: UniSadhuGuna International College
University: Coventry University, UK
Intake: Sept 2016

My college friend recommended me to use JACK Study Abroad’s assistance, turns out to be the best decision I ever made. Providing me with valuable information regarding universities in the United Kingdom, I have finally chosen Coventry University as my next destination. The professionalism and disciplines that JACK Study Abroad has helped me to secure my place at the university fast and ready months’ prior departure, so I can prepare well before leaving Indonesia. I would like to thank Jack Study Abroad team for their dedication towards helping students to study abroad.

Fortino Kwaneka - INTO City University London


Name:  Fortino Kwaneka
Previous School:  SMAK 6 BPK Penabur Jakarta
Univ: INTO City University London, UK
Intake: Sept 2016

What will happen if you still confuse about your future study plan?  If you ask me, I highly recommend you to contact JACK Study Abroad. Why? It is obvious because JACK Study Abroad not only helps you to prepare all documents required to apply for Universities, but it is more than that. They give lots of advices and they will guide you so you won’t get lost on your path to achieve your dream. They have helped me in so many ways, from choosing the right university, application process until visa process and many other things as well. They also share me lots of information including location, campus and accommodation picture, to give me an idea where I will study and career opportunities on study I have chosen to study. Overall, JACK Study Abroad has done a really great job and I am very grateful to have their assistance.

Eric Aria Fernandez - Queen’s University Belfast


Name: Eric Aria Fernandez
Previous School: Institut Teknologi Bandung
Univ: Queen’s University Belfast – Northern Ireland, UK
Intake: Sept 2016

I always loved the way UK looked from television. But I never really thought about coming here to study because I would think it would be a hassle. Whether it’s registering for the university or applying for a student visa. It all sounds like a lot stuff to do, right? Well, it is. But, never fear! JACK Study Abroad is here! I was considering enrolling to Queen’s when they introduced me to JACK Study Abroad. At first, I was hesitant because I have never heard of JACK Study Abroad. But Juwita and Nikita were really friendly and helpful and they still are till this day. I don’t think I had any problems from registering at the university until the day I had to fly to the UK all because of them. Did I tell you I was doing all this while having a profession exam (the exam took like 2-3 months)? So you know how flexible and how helpful they are because they had to adjust to my schedule constantly.

Right now, I am taking Masters in Translational Research. I have been here around 6 weeks. It’s a really nice place with nice people around. I can’t say enough about the people here. All of them are super nice. Anyone would help anyone. There is no RACISM here, so don’t worry about that. As prove, I have a group of friends whom I hang out with a lot, especially on the weekends. The group consists of 1 Indonesian (me), 1 Singaporean, 1 Malaysian, 1 German, 1 Icelandic, 1 Spaniard, 4 Irish, and 4 Americans. We hang out at least once a week.

Then there’s the academic life. I work in laboratory from 9-5 with 10 other Post-Doc, PhD and Masters Student. They are extremely friendly, even from day one. They’d help as soon as you look confused. So, yeah, I haven’t had any problem here since I arrived.
I am extremely grateful with all the help JACK Study Abroad has given me. Even until this day, they still keep in contact with me just because they are care of how I’m doing here, which says a lot about them. Thank you, Juwita, Nikita and all the other members at JACK Study Abroad for making this possible! It has been an unbelievable few weeks here in the UK! I hope I’ll see some of you readers here soon!

Michelle Tanuwidjaja - Durham University


Name: Michelle Tanuwidjaja
Previous School: Uniprep Jakarta
Univ: Durham University – UK
Intake: Sept 2016

Studying in the UK has always been a dream of mine. In Indonesia, it is exceptionally difficult to find reliable information regarding the requirements and application process to get into a good university. JACK Study Abroad, however, has been the most helpful to me; from assisting my UCAS application process to preparing my student visa and travel documents. They have the best customer service, as well as the most helpful representatives who are willing and eager to help me pursue the best education I can get. JACK Study Abroad always respond in a timely manner and are always ready to give useful insights that made what should have been a tedious and complicated process, an easy and even enjoyable one. The relationship they build with their clients extend within providing education services, and that is something I very much appreciate.
And this is it, I’m now studying at Durham University, thanks to JACK Study Abroad.

Nico Andika Sunandar - Nottingham Trent University


Name: Nico Andika Sunandar
Previous School: Springfield School
Univ: Nottingham Trent University – UK
Intake: September 2016

Currently I’m a student doing my first year of BSc Product Design at Nottingham Trent University. Though I am, no doubt, enjoying my time, I never really looked at the past to see what actually got me here.

Two years ago, universities from around the world started visiting my school to hopefully get us to sign up. At that moment I thought,”Ain’t it too early?”

So I waited, unsure of what I wanted, for a year more. It came by quick and my friends got their offers already; I was one of the few who had not an idea where to go. Eventually, I had to step up; I had to get me sorted. I went to a university exhibition held by JACK Study Abroad last year. Honestly though, I never liked doing work – not in a bad way – I want things done as easy as possible.

Long story short, take my word, I don’t think I’ll be able to get to where I am if it wasn’t because of JACK Study Abroad. They summarised the whole process, gave me a checklist of the documents I needed to prepare, every question answered – fast.

Thank you, JACK Study Abroad, for the excellent service you’ve done and will continue to do. When life gives you lemons…

Ulyan Khalif - The University of Sheffield

Ulyan - Sheffield

Name: Ulyan Khalif
Previous School: Brawijaya University
Univ: The University of Sheffield – UK
Intake: Sept 2016
Hello. Saya Ulyan Khalif, saat ini sedang menempuh program Postgraduate di The University of Sheffield, UK. JACK Study Abroad telah banyak membantu dalam proses penerimaan saya ke The University of Sheffield. Tahapan-tahapan yang harus saya lalui menjadi lebih mudah, sederhana, dan terarah. Terima kasih staf JACK Study Abroad yang telah bekerja dengan sangat profesional, memberikan saran dan masukan yang memadai, up to date dalam menyampaikan informasi dari universitas, serta responsif terhadap berbagai pertanyaan maupun keluhan. Well done! I recommend JACK Study Abroad. Cheers!

Leonardo Davinci Massolo - Heriot-Watt University


Name: Leonardo Davinci Massolo
Previous School: Universitas Proklamasi 45’ Yogyakarta
Univ: Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland – UK
Intake: September 2016

At first, I had no idea where I should continue my master degree when I graduated my bachelor degree from university but I truly believe I had to go study abroad. However, it was always seem impossible until I met JACK StudyAbroad. I got lots of information in terms of universities, culture, social life etc., and indeed the unconditional LOA from the university. And JACK StudyAbroad is the best agent I’ve ever met so far. They helped me to go through application process which was really complicated.

They gave best service and very patience in giving advice and suggestion, and amazingly they always have very fast action, even though when I had visa problem and almost miss intake, but with their professionalism, I finally can arrive on time in UK and now starting my Master degree at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland – UK.


Melina Dewi Lukman Lo - Durham University


Name: Melina Dewi Lukman Lo

Previous School: University of Hasanudin
Univ: Durham University – UK
Intake: Sept 2016

Studying in UK has always been my big dream. I tried to look for information but the agent in my hometown did not have partnership with the university where I would like to go. However, it changed after friend of mine introduced JACK StudyAbroad to me.

JACK StudyAbroad totally helps me in everything though the communication is only done by online (email and chat). They are really professional and friendly and welcome to answer every question I have. They provide all information I need including choosing the right university, register to the university to get LoA, check up appointment until visa process. I feel so grateful could have assistance from JACK StudyAbroad. Finally, here I am, a Master student at Durham University, UK. Wish you luck always my fav agent!

Michael Nathaniel Kurniawan - UCL - Institute of Education

Michael - Photo UK for testimonial

Name: Michael Nathaniel Kurniawan
Previous University: University Pelita Harapan
Univ: UCL – Institute of Education – UK
Intake: Sept 2016

As a lecturer, studying at University College London – Institute of Education is a dream come true. JACK Study Abroad is the only representative of UCL – IoE in Indonesia and they were really helpful during the complicated application process from beginning till end, it’s like having a good friend that you can rely on. I strongly recommend you to contact JACK Study Abroad for assistance.

Thank you JACK Study Abroad!

Canny Claudia Lim - Northumbria University

Canny Claudia
Name : Canny Claudia Lim
Previous School : EASB Singapore
Univ : Northumbria University – UK
Intake : 2015
After being studying in Singapore for 7 years, I thought I needed a change. I had just graduated with a diploma in Singapore and was unsure where I wanted to enroll into for my degree. While searching information for UK universities online, I stumbled upon JACK Study Abroad and was contacted by Ci Juwita after. She explained the different options that I had and helped me decide on which city and university is the most suitable for me. The application process was a bit of a rush but she managed to put me for the next intake in time. I am now enrolled in Northumbria University in Newcastle, doing my business degree and I have never been happier. Last winter break, I even got a visit from Ci Juwita to see if I’m doing alright. Overall, I would like to thank JACK Study Abroad for their patience and utmost care towards their students, Kudos!

Adeline Kartikasari - Birmingham City University


Name: Adeline Kartikasari
Previous School: UPH
Univ: Birmingham City University – UK
Intake: Sept 2015

I met JACK StudyAbroad coincidentally while I was searching information about working opportunities after graduation at an international education exhibition in Hotel Ciputra Jakarta. Firstly, Jack was not my priority since I just heard their name at that time, but they contacted and emailed me about the relevant information that I searched for.

What made me choose JACK StudyAbroad was their attention, suggestion and persistence seem suited me well. They have broad links and insight about international studies. They gave several reputable universities that I could look for and referred me to the universities’ representative so that I could find further information about the institution before I made the ‘lifetime’ decision. JACK StudyAbroad guided me to go through the process of researching, applying and pre-departure, that I found very helpful, cooperative and well organized. Until now we still communicate and even taking care of us while we are studying here.

For me, finding a reliable education consultant is like to find somebody that I can trust, capable in the area, and convenient with. And I experienced this with JACK StudyAbroad!

Kennard Aditya Wardana - INTO University of Exeter


Name: Kennard Aditya Wardana
Previous School: SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong
Univ: INTO University of Exeter – UK
Intake: Sept2015

I was confused which university I should choose to continue my higher education at first. As I was searching for information about universities abroad, I came across JACK StudyAbroad and asked some questions and also recommendations. There were some universities I am interested in but I decided to choose INTO University of Exeter because it is top university in UK and it has great environment to study. JACK StudyAbroad not only provided me with lots information, they also helped me a lot in registration to the university, applying the visa and other related stuff as well. Hopefully studying in UK can improve my English and also give me the appropriate skills for my future. Thanks JACK StudyAbroad for great assistance!

Irfan Latifulloh - UCL - IOE (London)


Name: Irfan Latifulloh
Previous School: Universitas Putra Indonesia
Univ: UCL – IOE (London) – UK
Intake: Jan 2016

It is still like a dream of becoming a student of University College London – Institute of Education. As one having no such opportunity or rather I say “a chance” to continue study in place I desire for my undergraduate degree, I always convince myself that I deserve somewhere better. But becoming a student of UCL-IOE is more than I can imagine that day. It is more than better! For that I need to thank you to JACK StudyAbroad by making it is all possible: by supporting, guiding and helping. It is maybe too hyperbolic to say but JACK StudyAbroad is the fastest and warmest agent I’ve ever known. I truly mean it. Thank you once again, JACK StudyAbroad!

Stephanie Louissa Amaris & Honey Nandlal - Nottingham Trent University

Stephanie Louissa Amaris & Honey Nandlal
Name: Stephanie Louissa Amaris & Honey Nandlal
Previous School: President University
Univ: Nottingham Trent University – UK
Intake: Sept 2015

Before coming study to UK, we discussed with a few people about going to study abroad and listened to their experiences. We were terrified as there were so much to do in such little time. To be honest, we were really glad to meet JACK StudyAbroad in British Council Fair before deciding everything, else we might make wrong decision by now.

While we scanned through all the choices of universities, we contacted JACK StudyAbroad for help. Ms Juwita has been such a big help for us and she made us realize that it is all possible and manageable. True to her words, we managed to get everything done within schedule, she helped us with full attention and discipline, from helping us decide the university to our preparation before departure. Even after arriving in Nottingham, Ms. Juwita is still reachable and she still helps us with university stuffs. She makes sure of our well being and take care of us like we were her own. Not only it became easier with JACK StudyAbroad but they are also trustworthy!

Clarissa Nilistiani - Nottingham Trent University

Clarrisa - pic

Name : Clarissa Nilistiani
Previous School : Esmod Jakarta
Univ : Nottingham Trent University – UK
Intake : 2015
JackStudy Abroad telah banyak membantu saya dalam proses applying to NTU. Hal yang paling membuat saya kagum adalah proses yang sangat cepat dan Ms. Juwita yang sangat disiplin dalam waktu pengurusan dokumen-dokumen.Ketelitian dalam mengurus visa dan application documents yang saya akui luar biasa. Ms.Juwita sendiri juga sangat membantu dalam memberikan banyak bimbingan dalam mengurus kehidupan di UK, mereka juga mempunyai begitu banyak informasi mengenai akomodasi ataupun informasi lainnya.

Proses menuju NTU menjadi begitu mudah ketika Ms.Juwita ikut membantu saya. Overall, saya sangat puas dengan apa yang JackStudy Abroad telah lakukan, begitu juga dengan orangtua saya. Mereka tidak hanya menuntun murid hanya sampai masuk ke dalam Universtiy tetapi mereka selalu bersedia untuk keep in touch dengan kita semua.

Sabrina Kwaneka - INTO University of Exeter


Name : Sabrina Kwaneka
Previous School : SMA Permai
Univ : INTO University of Exeter – UK
Intake : Sept 2015
At first, I was so confused about where to continue my study after high school, but then I stumbled upon an education consultant named JACK StudyAbroad in an education fair. They asked me what I would like to study and where to go for study after high school, one of the staff then helped me by explaining all information I need. After choosing the right university and course that I want, JACK StudyAbroad assisted me from the enrollment process until the visa process. I just need to provide the documents and they did everything. Other than that, I was also very happy that I am eligible to obtain scholarship off from INTO University of Exeter. I wouldn’t be here right now without JACK StudyAbroad’s best assistance. So, thank you JACK StudyAbroad. Very Recommended!!

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